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Basement Waterproofing in Toronto, ON

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Your local basement waterproofing company in Toronto, ON is Clarke Basement Systems

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If you are looking for basement waterproofing in Toronto, Clarke Basement Systems is the authorized Basement Systems dealer, using patented, state-of-the-art products and strategically engineered technology to fix your home's water issues permanently. The basement waterproofing Toronto professionals specialize in fixing wet basements, crawl spaces, and foundations with water intrusion damage. Basement Systems strives to be the industry leader in all the basement waterproofing and crawl space repair solutions we provide.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto Services:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Sump pump installation
  • Moisture control
  • Foundation leak and structural repair
  • Air purifier installation
  • Concrete leveling and repair
  • Wood rot repair

Toronto Basement Waterproofing & Wet Basement Solutions

What is basement waterproofing, and what is the best method? Basement waterproofing is the process of preventing water from seeping into your home’s basement. It usually involves installing a drainage system to channel away any water that enters the below-grade space. Waterproofing the basement can keep it dry and prevent moisture damage and mold growth.

Whether you're dealing with flooding, leaks, or humidity issues, we offer proven basement waterproofing in Toronto. Our team of basement waterproofing contractors in Toronto have the skills and expertise to quickly identify and solve your home's water issues promptly. Our primary method for waterproofing basements is to install an interior drainage system so the water entering your basement is pumped away before it can cause any damage. All interior drainage systems we install include a written, transferable, lifetime dry basement warranty. 

  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • French Drain System Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems
  • Air Purifier Installation
  • Energy Efficiency Dehumidification System

Foundation & Structural Repair

At Basement Systems, Inc., our team of highly trained foundation repair contractors has the skills and expertise to thoroughly inspect and identify the exact structural or foundation-related issues your home faces. We only use the best, noninvasive methods to stabilize and repair your home's foundation. Our foundation and structural repair products even come with a 25-year warranty, so you can feel confident about our work.

  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Bowing Wall & Chimney Repair
  • Foundation Wall Straightening
  • Concrete Slab Repair
  • Foundation Piers
  • Settled Foundation Repair 

Concrete Leveling & Lifting Services

Our team uses an effective, non-invasive approach to fixing uneven concrete. We inject PolyLevel foam under the slab strategically until the concrete is lifted back to its original position. Once dried, the foam is inert and will not break down under extreme temperatures or moisture intrusion. Because of its quick-curing time and lightweight properties, PolyLevel is the ideal concrete leveling solution for Toronto homes.

We also offer cracked concrete repair using NexusPro sealant. This silicone-based sealant fills every little crack and gap in your concrete slabs for lasting protection. NexusPro is UV-resistant and can be utilized on pool decks, patios, stairs, and more!


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Recent job requests for basement waterproofing in Toronto, ON:

Project Location: Toronto, ON M5R 1N4

Comment: Furnace room in basement has water leaking into it - Victorian semi-detached house from 1892.

Project Location: Toronto, ON M4L 2Y3

Comment: Old damp basement. Cracking walls and floor

Project Location: Toronto, ON M4K 1G4

Comment: I have 2 potential projects: 1) we have aa 8ft deep basement and along one wall there is paint bubbling. I think that means there is water behind the wall but we are in a semi and this is along the attached wall. Also we we have an odd downspout situation and need to tench through some of our front landscaping to keep the water on our property but not sure if that is something you do? Thanks in advance Amal

Project Location: Toronto, ON M6K 2P9

Comment: Want to get a quote for a replacement sump pump

Project Location: Toronto, ON M6J 2K1

Comment: Over the summer, there was mold overgrowth in our basement which destroyed a number of our belongings. We have a sump pump in the basement. We think that a dehumidification system would address the dampness. We occasionally use a dehumidifier which requires dumping during the warmer months every 12 hours. A more sophisticated system would be less labour intensive and could remain active when we're away.

Project Location: Toronto, ON M3h 5n7

Comment: I have a finished basement and looking to improve air quality with dehumidifier

Project Location: Toronto, ON M9V 1L6

Comment: I want to figure out what the root cause is for leaks in my basement.

Project Location: Toronto, ON M4L 6S8

Comment: Water in our unfinished unfinished basement annually during the spring thaw and in the summer/fall when there is heavy persistent rain that lasts a day or more. We have a sump pump. This is at our cottage in Orillia.

Project Location: Toronto, ON M5N 1J8

Comment: Some water. Small amount seeping through the basement floor in one room

Project Location: Toronto, ON M6P 4B1

Comment: Smell in basement

Project Location: Toronto, ON M6P 1C9

Comment: We have a basement apt. One problem we have is the laminate flooring. We had they separate and leave gaps. When it was laid, it was fine. Then during the fall, it started to buckle. The contractor had to return to cut the ends. Now there are gaps sometimes. It's not a bad basement, but I think water/moisture comes up from the floor. I was interested in a sump pump as well.

Project Location: Toronto, ON M4K 3K3

Comment: Dehumidification in basement

Project Location: Toronto, ON M1C 2S7

Comment: Need a backup system for my sump.

Project Location: Toronto, ON m4n 1y9

Comment: Sum pump discharge line outdoor water drain problem

Project Location: Toronto, ON M6G 2E6

Comment: Water seeping through the seams at the floor and brick . How is 1924 vintage

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