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We provide crawl space encapsulation & repair in Birmingham, AL

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Your local crawl space encapsulation and repair company in Birmingham, AL is APS Foundation

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Many homeowners don't spend a lot of time in their unfinished crawl space, so they are often unaware of the issues that impact it. Pests, increased moisture, humidity, and mold in the crawl space can spread to cause whole-house damage and unhealthy indoor air.

Luckily, your professionally trained, Birmingham CleanSpace dealer is here to help with a patented crawl space repair and encapsulation system. Our crawl space waterproofing specialists can customize the perfect moisture-proof system for your home, assuring a dry, healthy below-grade space for years to come!

For a FREE no-obligation crawl space repair cost estimate in Birmingham, AL, please fill out the form and your local CleanSpace dealer will contact you shortly.

Crawl space services offered in Birmingham:

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation & Replacement
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation
  • Crawl Space Drainage System Installation
  • Crawl Space Insulation

Moisture-proof crawl space encapsulation

Want to prevent crawl space pests, moisture, and humidity from destroying your home? Your local, Birmingham CleanSpace dealer can help with our exclusive crawl space encapsulation system. Our system creates a moisture-proof vapor barrier for your crawl space, stopping water intrusion, blocking moisture seepage, controlling humidity, and creating extra space for storage. With a completely waterproof crawl space, your home will be protected from mold contamination, unhealthy indoor air, and costly foundation damage!

Benefits of crawl space encapsulation:

  • Increased home comfort
  • Improved home air quality
  • Extra storage space
  • Fewer pest problems

Energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier installation

Effective crawl space waterproofing starts with reliable dehumidification. Increased crawl space humidity means condensation, which creates moisture that can lead to mold, decaying floor joists, pests, and more. Our energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier improves the health of your crawl space and the entire home, preventing whole-house mold and dust mites, alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms, and improving the air quality overall!

Advantages of the SaniDry crawl space dehumidifier:

  • Automatic draining feature
  • Filter that removes mold & dust mites
  • When desired humidity level is reached, the system will automatically shut off

Durable crawl space repair services

Not only do our professionally trained crawl space specialists stop water intrusion by repairing plumbing leaks, foundation leaks, and other drainage issues, but we also restore sagging floor joists. With our crawl space jacks, we provide stronger structural support with corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel support posts.

Benefits of crawl space structural repair:

  • Fast, year-round installation
  • Provides a strong crawl space foundation repair
  • Versatile, adjustable installation
  • Provides long-lasting, durable results

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Ready to protect your home from crawl space moisture, humidity, pests, mold, and more? Contact your trusted, Birmingham crawl space repair specialists today. We provide exclusive CleanSpace solutions that are proven to transform your nasty crawl space into a safe, dry, and usable below-grade space!

Why More Birmingham Homeowners Choose Us:

  • Custom-Designed Dry Crawl Space Solutions
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Proven Effective for Over 25 Years
  • 25-Year CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Product Warranty - Ask Dealer for Details

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Recent job requests for crawl space repair in Birmingham, AL:

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35215

Comment: Clean out crawl space, fill up any entry spaces and place moisture barrier in space.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35242

Comment: Need estimate for encapsulation

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35242

Comment: Water getting into crawl space from outside home

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35215

Comment: There is standing water in the crawl space of my home and I need to have it drained and check to fix from happening again. Thank you

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35235

Comment: I have a dirt floor under my house and there is water standing in puddles, which I believe is causing mold and mildew on my outside walls and in other places in my house

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35211

Comment: I have a strong sewer like smell coming from my crawl space. HELP.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35224

Comment: Encapsulation

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35210

Comment: I need a vapor barrier installed, and I need floor support in at least one area.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35242

Comment: Bought an older house with a partial crawl space. Would like an estimate for a vapor barrier and possibly insulating the walls.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35210

Comment: We are buying this house and the vapor barrier is coming off from under the house. Should we be concerned? It almost looks like someone pulled it off the wall on purpose.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35206

Comment: Vapor barrier and making the crawlspace usable storage under a 1062 sq ft house. Part is dug enough to stand up, the rest is narrow.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35226

Comment: Small pocket of water in the crawl space near the HVAC unit Not sure the Sump pump not working?

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35242

Comment: We just moved into home with crawl space and can see previous water lines on block walls as well as a little standing water after all the recent rain. There is a vapor barrier on the floor but it looks to be a small mill and does not go up the walls or columns. Some on the insulation has started to fall from the sub-floor as well and I would like to get ahead of any issues that could arise. It is roughly 1,300sqft of crawl space to be encapsulated.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35212

Comment: Mold, great temperature fluctuations, dampness, and effects of temperature/air to main living floor.

Project Location: Birmingham, AL 35210

Comment: New residential construction Ready to consider installing turtl

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