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Crawl space and foundation flood vent in action
SmartVent® Foundation Flood Vents authorized dealer

SmartVent® Foundation Vent Benefits

  • Meets Building Code, FEMA & National Flood Insurance Program requirements.
  • Installing SMART VENTS will lower your flood insurance rates in most locations.
  • Suitable for new construction or retrofit applications.
  • Made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Smart Vent® Foundation Flood Vents


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SmartVent® Flood Vents can prevent your foundation from collapsing in a flood

Find out why SMART VENTS are the smart choice for your basement or crawl space!

Prevent your foundation from suffering major damage during a flood

Superstorm Sandy damaged and even destroyed many foundations in flood-prone areas. The force of floodwater during the storm surge was simply too powerful for basement and crawl space walls to resist, so they collapsed. In some cases, this triggered the collapse of upper floors as well.

Is there any way to prevent extreme storms from causing such extreme damage? Yes, there is. By having SMART VENTS installed in basement and crawl space walls, you can equalize water pressure on both sides of your foundation instead of risking wall collapse.

If you live in a flood zone, SmartVent® Flood Vents give you a way to prevent extensive property while also reducing flood insurance rates.

How SmartVent® works

A SmartVent® is designed to remain in the closed position until rising floodwater comes into contact with the vent. Water contact triggers an internal float mechanism that unlatches the door. In the open position, vents blunt the destructive force of floodwater by providing a path through the foundation.

By equalizing water pressure instead of fighting it, your foundation can survive a flood without collapsing.

Foundation walls damaged by flooding

Don't fight the flood. Without SmartVent® protection, a foundation wall can be destroyed when flood waters exert extreme pressure against foundation walls. SMART VENTS (shown below) open automatically during a flood, equalizing water pressure to avoid severe foundation damage.

SmartVent® product details

  • Models available for basement foundations, sealed crawl spaces and vented crawl spaces.
  • 16-in. X 8-in. size matches standard crawl space vent openings.
  • Mounting flange makes installation quick and easy.
  • 5 different finishes available to match house colors.
  • Automatically activated by flood water; no electricity required.
  • Each vent protects 200sq.ft. of enclosed area.
  • Made in America.

SmartVent® Foundation Vents are great for basements and crawl spaces

SmartVent® flood vents are available in different styles. An insulated, weather-stripped vent (model #1540-520) is the right choice for basements and sealed crawl spaces. If you have a vented crawl space, our screened #1540-510 SMART VENTS will provide ventilation as well as protection from flood damage.

SmartVent® Model Dual Function Model 1540-510
Dual Function Model 1540-510
SmartVent® Flood Vent Insulated Model 1540-520
Insulated Model 1540-520

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