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Wallcap block wall seal being installed
WallCap Block Wall Sealing Solution

WallCap Block Wall Sealing Benefits

  • Effectively seals open cores along the top of concrete block walls.
  • Prevents problems with moisture, pests & radon gas.
  • Clear plastic provides high visibility for foundation inspection by pest control contractors.
  • Thick, durable plastic won’t wear out or break.
  • Excellent solution for crawl space & basement walls made from hollow-core concrete blocks.

WallCap® Block Wall Sealing Solution

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Attaching WallCap to foundation block wall

Smart sealing strategy. Your Basement Systems technician will use special plastic masonry anchors to attach WallCap barriers along the top of foundation walls.

Prevent pest and moisture problems by sealing open-core block walls

Does your basement or crawl space have foundation walls made from concrete block or cinder block? If so, it’s possible that open cores along the top of your foundation walls are creating multiple problems. The open cores in a hollow-core block wall provide pathways for moisture, pests and radon gas to enter your basement or crawl space.

We designed the WallCap® wall sealer to eliminate problems associated with open cores on foundation walls. The L-shaped profile of the WallCap completely covers the open cores along the top of a concrete block wall, butting firmly against the rim joist. The vertical leg of the profile is sealed to the poly moisture barrier that extends up the wall, or to rigid foam insulation installed against the foundation wall.

Pest control inspectors love WallCap for two reasons: It blocks a popular pest pathway from the soil to the house, and the clear plastic provides maximum visibility for detecting pest activity. WallCap also acts as an effective air barrier, reducing the intrusion of soil-related moisture and radon gas that enters a basement or crawl space.

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