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How Do You Condition Crawl Space Air?

Crawl Space Fan - Crawl-O-Sphere

Once your crawlspace is sealed, it’s possible and beneficial to use air from upstairs to condition your crawlspace air.

Before your crawlspace was lined with CleanSpace, moisture from the earth and outside collected in the wood and insulation of your crawlspace. Additionally, the air in your cold crawlspace made the floor above it cold, too.

Once it’s sealed, however, the air inside it is similar the air in your home – just a bit more humid in summer and cooler in winter. You can capitalize on this by installing the Crawl-O-Sphere™ Air System. The Crawl-O-Sphere™ is a quiet, energy-efficient system that draws some of the conditioned air from the upper levels and adds it to the crawlspace environment. This warm, dry air further dries out the area, including the crawlspace framing, and the wood and carpet on your first floor. The space becomes healthier and warmer. In some cases, wood that was buckled and swollen, straightens and shrinks. Windows and doors that stuck become easier to operate.

Because CleanSpace® has added your crawlspace to your housing envelope, this system adds almost nothing to your heating and cooling bills. While the Crawl-O-Sphere™ is cost-effective solution, operating at 80 CFM, our SaniDry™ Crawlspace and Basement Air System runs at 250 CFM, making it an even more powerful and effective solution.

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