ZenWall - Basement Wall Paneling System

The Simplest Way to Create a Dry, Clean, Finished Look on Your Basement Walls!
Now there is a way to make your basement walls dry, and get a clean finished look in one easy step: the revolutionary ZenWall Basement Paneling System.

Bad basement walls

Moldy Damaged Basement Walls

A basement waterproofing drainage system keeps the basement floor dry — but it doesn't do anything to make basement walls dry or look better.

Paint and coatings can flake and fall off. Wood can rot and grow mold. Both treatments are not suitable for basement environments. Cold, damp, concrete walls, moldy drywall, or chipping paint is not what you want in your basement!

The revolutionary new ZenWall Basement Paneling System is the answer. ZenWall is a 1/4" thick encapsulated fiberglass core with a reflective foil vapor barrier on the back side and a decorative vinyl finish on the front side. It is used with a perimeter basement waterproofing system to waterproof a basement wall, and stop water vapor from coming through the wall into the basement air.

ZenWall with LogoThe finish on ZenWall looks great — as great as you can get without doing a full basement finishing project — and is a fraction of the price. It makes a huge difference in what your basement looks like and how you feel when you're in your basement!

ZenWall comes in 2 ½ foot by 8 foot panels. All fasteners are hidden with the specially designed trim pieces. We use foil as a vapor barrier because it gives the added benefit of a radiant barrier, and therefore some resistance of heat flow through the panel one way or the other. While the colors and pattern and texture of the ZenWall vinyl finish hide dirt and marks, the panels are also washable, so keeping them clean is not a problem.

ZenWall installed in basement

ZenWall Paneling Installed in Basement

ZenWall panels are new and a revolutionary option for basement walls. Simply put, ZenWall panels are the simplest, easiest way to waterproof your basement walls, and get a finished look.

You will love what ZenWall panels do for your home!

ZenWall panels can be installed with a basement waterproofing system to direct wall leakage into the waterproofing system, or it can be installed in a dry basement to make the walls look great!

The inorganic materials that make up ZenWall — fiberglass, foil and vinyl, are all inorganic and will not rot or support mold growth — ZenWall is perfectly designed for a basement!

Temperature difference with ZenWall System

Temperature Difference Between Concrete Wall vs. ZenWall System

ZenWall can make up to a 10 degree difference in the surface temperature of the wall, adding comfort and saving energy.

ZenWall ‘tucks' neatly into WaterGuard (Basement Systems' patented perimeter drainage system) to drain wall seepage away.

Aside from all of these benefits, ZenWall panels can be installed in any basement to make your walls look great!

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