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Before & After Photos

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CleanSpace and SaniDry Sedona in Rector Ar

CLeanSpace liner is used to isolate the home from the earth completely and permanently. This dramatically reduces the humidity levels in the air which, when combined with sealing outside air and dehumidification, will eliminate mold growth and rot from the crawl space. 

Clean Space liner in Marmaduke, Ar

The CleanSpace liner completely isolates your home from the earth. This dramatically reduces the humidity level in the air, which when combined with sealing outside air and dehumidification, will eliminate mold growth and rot from your crawl space and make the whole house healthier.

Joiner Crawl Space Repair

The moisture and humidity in this crawl space made these homeowners nervous, so they called CrawlSpace Solutions of Arkansas. Our Design Specialist, Craigen, was able to reassure them that we could not only dry out their crawl space, but keep their home cleaner and healthier! They love the products we installed and their now healthy home!

Mold Hazard in Paragould, Arkansas Crawl Space

Mold was growing in the crawl space underneath this customers home, it was unhealthy and created a hazard for their home, so they contacted CrawlSpace Solutions of Arkansas. Our team of professionals came out and installed our CleanSpace Liner. This liner encapsulates the area and protects your crawl space from pests, humidity, and moisture. 




Wet Church Basement in Paragould, AR

The leader of this historic church had tried just about everything to stop water from leaking into their basement. They called in the experts at Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas, and we quickly got our system design specialist out to design a system to put their water problems and put their mind at ease. Our crew began by installing a WaterGuard basement waterproofing system. WaterGuard is a piping system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without worry of clogging from soils under the floor. To finish completely solving the church's water issues, the crew then installed three of our TripleSafe sump pumps. The TripleSafe has three pumps to give you complete protection from flooding. 

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