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Before & After Photos

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One story single family 1260 sq ft crawlspace retrofitting w/ Smart Jacks

1. Crawlspace cleanup and regrade soil installation 2 temporary access hatches

2. Smart jacks pier to girder connected and level/plumb floor level full structure by sections

3.Clean Space Encapsulation System (20 Mil 25 Years Warranty)

Interior Drainage System Between Santa Barbara, CA Garage & Driveway

In front of of driveway is Trench Drain, 

In corner's the diamonds are referred to as "view ports" 

Sup pump photographed includes battery back up

In the event that power is out, battery back up will continue to function.





Water Guard- Interior drainage system in Santa Barbara Ca

Interior drainage system, installed on Piedmont Dr. in Santa Barbara, California

The diamonds are reffered to as "view ports"



Thermal Dry Flooring in Santa Barbara Ca

Customer had just moved into this property and the basement had cracks at walls and cement flooring. We did some upgrades; such as Silverglo and Cleanspace liner on the basement walls. We also installed Thermal Dry Flooring.  

Del Sol

Crawlspace was moist and wet. They wanted a solution. The crawlspace was dirt before and now is covered and has drainage. 

Total Before & After Sets: 10
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