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WaterGuard Guarding Damp Basement in Abingdon, IL

Homeowner, Leah in Abingdon, IL was experiencing water in her basement. It was a continuing issue that she knew she could no longer just put the issue to the side, she needed professional help! She contacted the local experts in her area, MidAmerica Basement Systems. Design Specialist, Troy was able to give her the best recommendation for her home possible.

Installer, Dillion was able to come out to Leah's home to install it. WaterGuard was one of the systems installed within Leah's home. It is a great waterproofing system that will permanently solve wet basement problems. WaterGuard intercepts the incoming water around the perimeter of the basement walls and carries it unseen, away to the TripleSafe Sump Pump, keeping Leah's home dry and water free! 

If you too are having issues with water coming into your basement, do not hesitate to reach out to MidAmerica Basement Systems! We would be happy to help you! 


Discharge Line Unnoticeablely Extended in Dwight, IL

Jim and Dorothy wanted the discharge line from their sump pump extended further away from the house. MidAmerica Basement Systems came out and extended the discharge line to the requested length and made it look like we weren’t ever there. Jim and Dorothy are very happy with the finished product, as they do not need to worry about it any longer.

Basement Waterproofing in Marseilles, IL

Full basement waterproofing in Marseilles, IL. 

Basement Waterproofing for Home in Marseilles, IL

Vicki was having issues with water seeping into her basement after heavy rains. She also had issues with her basement drain backing up, preventing water from flowing out of her basement. She contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the problem resolved and finally have a dry basement. Mike has proposed installing a TripleSafe sump to account for the large amounts of water that would enter the basement during rains. LateralDrains were than installed from the basemen drain to the pump to prevent future back-ups. For the rest of the basement, WaterGuard was installed to collect and redirect the seeping water to the TripleSafe to be discharged back out of the home. Vicki now has a dry, and reliable waterproofing system in her basement.

Crack Injection in Marseilles, IL

Leaks in concrete structures are a problem that homeowners have struggled with for decades. Frustrated homeowners and professionals have tried to stop the water and leaking with sealers and patches of various kinds however they have had no luck. MidAmerica Basement Systems now proudly offer Chemical Injection. Chemical injection is a process in which a special polyurethane resin is injected into a crack hole, joint or another opening in concrete.

First holes are drilled in the wall at a 45-degree angle to cross the crack halfway through the wall. Then, special high-pressure injection ports are securely installed into the wall. Next. the poly resin is pumped into the cracks or joints. The appearance of the sealant on the inside is a positive indication of its migration all the way through the crack. After the resin is pumped into the wall the ports are removed and the holes are filled. For a nice appearance, a cement coating is then applied. 

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