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Testimonials for Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems

  Kim M. from Jericho, VT had plans to expand the living space in her home by finishing the basement. There was, however, one thing getting in the way of that expansion: a crack in the basement wall that was, she later learned a sign of structural damage. The basement wall was in fact beginning to bow inwards. A friend of the family advised her to call Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems, and when she looked us up on the Internet, she found so much information about the problem she was experiencing, that she felt confident about hiring us for the job. In this video she talks about the experience:"They were completely on time, they did exactly what they said they were going to do.They don't pressure you, they don't tell you you need things you don't." , says Kim. "It is just really reassuring because they know what they're doing and you know you are not getting ripped off."
Kim M. of Jericho, VT
Monday, September 26th
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the hard work which has gone into my basement this past week. I am aware that climbing into dimly lit and poorly ventilated concrete slab for jack-hammering, is not the most glorious work. I commend Daryn, Steve, and Danny for doing this without a complaint. Their professionalism, execution, and quickness of work was pretty amazing considering the laborious task they were undertaking.  Likewise, I would like to thank Jamie in the office for helping to ease us through this process, and Kevin for beginning the whole job. We are looking forward to working with your company and especially Matt in the garage, as he also demonstrated a high level of professionalism when he and Brandon were here." 
Tom L. of Williston, VT
Friday, June 21st
Thank You The guys were on time, polite and did a good job!
Rebecca of Bristol, VT
Thursday, June 15th
We could not ask for better service, more reliable and courteous people, or a more dependable, effective product line.  If the problem is in your basement, these are the pros to call.
Tom & Linda M. of Monkton, VT
Thursday, June 15th
Overall Great Experience, We are so glad our contractor recommended Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems.  Their whole company, from the people who answered the phone the first time we called, the salesman, and the installers, complete professionals and very kind.
Jackie L. of Canterbury, NH
Friday, June 18th
Testimonial Photo by Debra B.
The best decision I have made was to have Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems replace the sump pump in my basement. I have had so much stress lifted off my shoulders since the new pump was installed last February.  You hardly hear it run and it dos a wonderful job.  It has given me the added comfort of having the battery backup to be able to leave the house for long periods of time during a storm and not having to worry that the pump may go out and the pump will not be working. In the past I have had to get the generator going! From the young man that came and did the initial assessment, to the team that came and installed it, I was surprised by their professionalism. Today, the pipes were buried in the yard and you can't even hardly tell where they are!  Exceptional Service!!!  I will highly recommend Northern Basements!!
Debra B. of Burlington, VT
Monday, June 16th
To: Matt Clark Thank you and your crew for the great job in installing the Basement Waterproofing System in my home. The crew was very efficient and really worked well together and finished in a timely manner. I would recommend Northern Basement Systems to anyone who has had water in their basement. Thanks again, Joan Bombard  
Joan B. of Burlington, VT
Just wanted to write and tell you how absolutely impressed we both were, not only with the work you folks did, which to our mind was absolutely excellent, but also your work ethic and that of your crew.  If you ever need a reference of any kind, please let us know. Thanks again, S-
S & P G. of Colchester, VT
Thursday, June 15th
Thanks Matt- This is a big improvement to our home! Bob S
Bob S. of Montpelier, VT
Thursday, June 15th
Testimonial Photo by Tim H.
Brian Kiniry was our Sales contact. He was very informative, responsive and patient. We needed to have several different quotes made, as we figured out how to best present our project to put together a grant proposal and to meet the requirements of the Fire Marshal whom we needed to have sign-off on our building permit. Brian was very understanding of our needs, and also very good about explaining the options available to us. He understood the trade-offs we needed to make and helped by giving accurate information about the choices. Matt Ostrout did a couple of site-visits before construction started, to find any areas which needed special attention. He was very collaborative in his approach and worked with me to figure out the best ways to get foam where we need it to seal and insulate. He also conferred with and worked well with Hunter in the job site work. Hunter continued our experience of getting excellent communication from NB. He is clearly committed to customer satisfaction. He solicited feedback on how things were going and wanted to make sure that we were getting everything we needed to be completed quickly. He and his crew went above and beyond, looking for additional areas in the rim joists that could be filled with foam, for example. Hunter also asked for me to visit the site when needed, to go over questions that had come up. His excellent communication skills made it easy to work out the minor problems that occurred as they do in any project. It was clear that he wanted us to understand what we were getting, and any trade-offs that needed to be made. Along with his crew, Hunter paid attention to the details of installing the WaterGuard drain, the sump pump, the B2B insulation panels, and the rim-joist foaming. Panels were installed straight and tight, with foam in the seams. Top edges were cut straight and level, just where I told them the trim would be installed. Wiring channels were kept available during the foaming of the rim-joists and labeled for the electrician. At the end-of-job meeting, I identified a couple of small issues, and Hunter quickly took care of them. He was consistently polite and attentive to our needs. The job-site was kept quite clean, from the jack-hammering of the concrete floor through the foaming of the last cracks in the rim-joists. The crew masked off areas with plastic to keep foam and intumescent paint off kitchen counters, sinks, etc. We had only a bit of dust to vacuum up when they were done. I had good references from another member of our Board of Directors, who had an equally good experience with NB. I also got a good reference for Matt Clark from someone who knew him from Tri-State Basements. We also found that NB offered the best variety of products and services. This allowed us to hire NB to do the whole package of work, rather than hiring separate contractors for drainage and insulation work. This made managing this project much easier.    
Tim H. of Berlin, VT
Monday, January 6th
So far i'm loving it-no water in basement after Irene! YAY! Talk about good timing! Thanks for your help. And thanks to "the guys" for their super-efficient installation. Cecile
Cecile S. of Plainfield, VT
"Mike and crew, Dean and Danny I think were just great. They were easy to work with and explained everything also cleaned up after themselves! Please tell them a big thank you from us."   Martha and Rob 
Martha & Rob B. of Cambridge, VT
Wednesday, September 11th
"I had a TripleSafe System installed several years ago and couldn’t be more pleased! My property has a very high-water table and the TripleSafe gives me peace of mind knowing that my basement won’t be flooded, even in the event of a power outage. From the initial consultation with Chad, to install, and services with Jessie, and quick response from Irma, Matt and Chris regarding questions or concerns, I’m so happy that I decided to go with Matt Clark’s Northern Basement Systems and highly recommend them!"
Lori A. of North Hero, VT
Wednesday, June 5th
Testimonial Photo by Liz & Valery
We know that our job and our house had been a big complex mess of challenge for Northern Basement. We know you could have chosen to walk away from it instead of diving in, literally, and crawling around to mark our house safe. We are and will remain grateful—and a lifelong reference for Northern Basement.
Liz & Valery of Corinth, VT
Sunday, April 10th
Your company is the first larger size company we have worked with on this project that actually came on the scheduled day, did the job better than we expected and showed respect to our home and us. We truly appreciate working with you. Thank you.
Samantha K. of Bellows Falls, VT
Monday, May 8th
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