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Testimonials for CleanSpace Northwest

We Cannot tell you the peace of mind to not worry about the basement every time it rains. 5 Stars all the way! 
Linda M. of Seabeck, WA
Wednesday, May 10th
Just letting you know how thankful we are that you waterproofed our basement last January. Every time I hear the pump run I am thankful I'm not down there sucking the water out of the carpet!
Barbara B. of Olympia, WA
Thursday, December 1st
One of the things we liked about our house was the ability to store items in the crawl space, thus freeing up the garage to do what it's supposed to do - house cars. In order to do so, we needed to replace the worn plastic and musty smell. Seeing an advertisement for CleanSpace, I contacted them shortly after purchasing the home. The representative was fantastic in understanding our desires and explaining our options. He took the time to explain the CleanSpace system, how it would be installed, and what we should expect from it in the future. We had the system installed and we are quite happy we did. First, it eliminated the musky smell and any potential for mold. Second, it provided ample storage space for us putting boxes, furniture, etc. in our crawl space. Even though the material seems thin, it is rugged and durable to handle walking on it, and stacking heavy materials such as boxes, pieces of wood, etc. Third, we had an issue with the dehumidifier being too noisy but the technicians returned several times to provide a quieter solution. It was achieved and after almost eight months in operation, we don't hear it. Fourth, the installation staff was exceptionally professional and removed unwanted debris from underneath the house. I would wholeheartedly recommend the CleanSpace system to anyone regardless if it is a new home or one that has seen the test of time and Washington weather. They system works.
Larry K. of Kitsap County, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
Our lake home leaked so badly, I cried every time it rained. We had inches of water in the basement. My stepson, a civil engineer, said we should call CleanSpace NW.The crew from CleanSpace NW was prompt and finished on time, saving us from abandoning half of our home, by fixing the water problem.Every time there is a hard rain, I run downstairs to check and it's dry!CleanSpace NW is the only way to go!
Cathy G. of Tiger Lake, WA
Monday, April 18th
Everything was done as promised.  Follow up was excellent.  A missed area was taken care of without hesitation and in a timely manner.
Jay H. of Buckley, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
Hope to work with you again next year, when we start our remodel.  Thank you.
Dan V. of Tacoma, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
Moisture is the enemy of every home.  Building code requirements are not enough and do not adequately allow for controlling moisture in a crawl space or basement evnironment.  CleanSpace Northwest's Baement System and Crawl Space products should be in every house.  It is simply the best products for creating a healthy and efficient environment within a home. Basement Systems' science behind their product is well-proven.  I recommend CleanSpace Northwest and their Crawl Space and Basement Systems products to everyone.
Chris O. of Kingston, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
"CleanSpace Northwest has done the research!  They are professionals who know how to remedy a wet basement.  Our crawlspace was wet, with rats!  Now, it's clean and dry. I have recomended CleanSpace Northwest to many people.  They are an impressive business."
Brian P. of Indianola, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
15 years in our house and we've always had moisture problems and now we don't.
Dennis K. of Bainbridge Island, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
After calling CleanSpace NW, they responded quickly with an on-site inspection and proposal. We also requested references, which they gladly provided.The crew had a lot of grading to do in the crawlspace; we had the entire perimeter of our home done. They even did extra work for us, very reasonably.We now have a dry crawlspace for storage. We would absolutely recommend CleanSpace NW.
Suzanne & Les C. of Bainbridge Island, WA
Monday, April 18th
"Part of our new remodel was the addition of a basement. Before we knew it, the basement flooded twice...the last time 18" of water! We called CleanSpace and they sealed our basement. During the last 100 year storm, the basement was dry. CleanSpace was money well-spent. I have recommended them to friends with water issues.
Scott a. of Suquamish, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
"Our home was built with a large basement and an unfinished crawlspace. The unfinished area became damp and buggy - it was wasted space. We called CleanSpace NW, they were quick, efficient and pleasant to work with. Now, we use that area for storage. It's no longer damp or buggy! It's amazing. We highly recommend CleanSpace Northwest."
Trisha M. of Poulsbo, WA
Thank you, thank you, thank you - - We FINALLY have a DRY BASEMENT.
Gerry S. of Poulsbo, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
Looks great and the floor under the 2 bedrooms feels so much warmer!
William a. of Poulsbo, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
I love it! It feels so much better. Thank you.
Christy C. of Keyport, WA
Tuesday, June 6th
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