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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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3 Pros Basement Systems

We Provide Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair in Bella Vista, AR

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  • Basement Waterpoofing & Air Sealing
    Basement Waterpoofing & Air Sealing
  • Basement Drainage Solutions
    Basement Drainage Solutions
  • Basement Sump Pump Replacement
    Basement Sump Pump Replacement

We specialize in crawl space encapsulation using quality CleanSpace products. We will design a customized system to keep your crawl space dry. Your local CleanSpace contractor can help you choose the best crawl space moisture control and waterproofing options for your home.

For a FREE no-obligation crawl space repair cost estimate in Bella Vista, AR, please fill out the form and your local CleanSpace company will contact you shortly.

Crawl Space Services offered in Bella Vista:

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation & Replacement
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation
  • Crawl Space Drainage System Installation
  • Crawl Space Insulation

Why More Bella Vista Homeowners Choose Us:

  • Custom-Designed Dry Crawl Space Solutions
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Proven Effective for Over 25 Years
  • 25-Year CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Product Warranty - Ask Dealer for Details
  • Financing Options May Be Available - Ask Your Local Dealer

Your local crawl space encapsulation and repair company in Bella Vista, AR

Foundation Specialties LLC
881 Hatcher Rd, Bethel Heights, AR 72764
Mon-Thu 8:00am-5:00pm
Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

Foundation Specialties LLC is the local Basement Systems dealer in the Northern region of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Harrison, and Clarksville, as well as the South West portion of Missouri.

In business since 1972, Foundation Specialties LLC is a trusted, employee owned company specializing in both the construction and repair of residential and commercial foundations. They are a valued member of the Basement Systems network of over 300 waterproofing contractors and always uphold high company standards.

Their major basement waterproofing products include:

  • Drainage Systems
  • Basement Wall Systems
  • Dehumidification and Air Filtration Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • And more!

Foundation Specialties LLC are also members of: Northwest Arkansas Home Builders Assoc. National Assoc. of Home Builders Associated Builders and Contractors

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Recent job requests for crawl space repair in Bella Vista, AR:

Project Location: Dinton Circle, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: New home. Has large crawl space. No major water standing but, mud seems soft under. Want to see if there is an issue. We have had heavy rain. No leaking pipes.

Project Location: Penny Ln, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Crawl space collects water in 2 locations. Also, water puddles in back yard during dry periods.

Project Location: Cunningham LN, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: Water/dampness in the crawl space.

Project Location: Kendal Drive, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Moisture in crawl space. Current vinyl has big gaps.

Project Location: Pease Lane, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: We are moving into this new home soon in Bella Vista. the entire house smells very strong of mildew. I know the crawlspace needs to be fixed so no more water gets into the area and we'd like to have it encapsulated.

Project Location: S. Kirby Drive, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Water in crawl space.

Project Location: Finger Circle, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: Water coming into crawl space area and running into workshop area. Have discovered where it's getting in, need estimate on repair/prevention

Project Location: Dunedin Drive, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: Water in crawl space after hard rain(first time) and bottom course of cement blocks are wet

Project Location: Firestone, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Crawl space

Project Location: Duvall Lane, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: I have a roommate who complains she smells mold through the vents after rain.

Project Location: Radcliffe Drive, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Getting water seepage in crawl space during rain

Project Location: Pawle Circle, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Water seeping through wall: Yes Dampness/musty smells: Yes Mold/mildew: Yes the ground gets wet under the house and causes a mold/mildew smell in house when it rains

Project Location: McKenzie Drive, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: Musty odors in the crawl space and bedroom and den next to crawl space.

Project Location: One Tamara Lane, Bella Vista, 72714

Comment: Has moisture issues in crawlspace - please call as soon as possible

Project Location: Osborne Lane, Bella Vista, 72715

Comment: Wet ground under plastic laid under house; musty odor; pest problem.

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