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Healthy Spaces

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2280 N Cullen Avenue
Evansville, IN 47715
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
In business since 1999

Healthy Spaces has been trained by Basement Systems, Inc., and has earned the highly esteemed title of "Certified Waterproofing Professional" for basement waterproofing. As members of a network of over 300 dealers in 6 countries, you can count on us when you need us. This dealer offers flexible, effective, affordable service for all your wet crawl space and wet basement needs, as well as any structural problems inside your home and out. With over 130 years of combined experience as home improvement contractors, we can show you what genuine service is all about!

As an authorized Basement Systems contractor, customers choose us for:

  • Fast, Professional Installations
  • Certified, Insured Installers
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free, Written Estimates


  • Foundation Repair solving any structural or foundation problem like settling, sinking foundation
  • Basement Waterproofing keeps water out of your basement with our proven products and expert service
  • Crawl Space Repair vapor barriers, support jacks, and other products used for a dry, healthier space
  • Mold Prevention protect yourself by preventing mold growth before it begins
  • Sump Pump Installation moves water from basement or crawl space out of the home
  • Air Purification to create healthier and more comfortable living spaces with the Aspen Air Purifier
  • And More!

Products Installed

  • Sump Pumps
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Energy Efficient Dehumidifier
  • Vapor Barrier System
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Drainage Systems
  • Rigid Wall Panels
  • Basement Windows
  • Wall Anchors
  • ThermalDry® floor decking
  • Aspen Air Purifier
  • And More!

Service Area:

Healthy Spaces is the exclusive regional dealer for Basement Systems, Inc. for Indiana and Kentucky. Counties in the service area include Crawford, Daviess, Duboise, Gibson, Harrison, Knox, Martin, Orange, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, Warrick Washington, Breckinridge, Bullitt, Caldwell, Crittenden, Daviess, Edmonson, Grayson, Hancock, Hardin, Hart, Henderson, Hopkins, Livingston, Mclean, Meade, Metcalfe, Muhlenberg, Nelson, Ohio, Union, and Webster.

Check out the hundreds of 4.9/5 star reviews in Kentucky and Indiana! Explore the photo gallery to visually understand the process of improving homes in the service area! Call today to schedule your free estimate!

Basement Waterproofing Crawl Space Repair Foundation Repair
By Tommy P.
"Dustin and Robert did a fantastic job!"
By Rusty H.
"The Installation Crew was outstanding and very..."
By Teresa S.
By Terry L.
"Affordable price made me choose your company."
Shelly C.
Owensboro, KY
Your communication and information/explanation of the process started things off right. Then when it was time...
Marty S.
Depauw, IN
We decided to use Healthy Spaces because had everything we needed to solve our problems in one stop.
Kaylie R.
Guston, KY
Damon was very professional and friendly. He walked us through the mold remediation process, as well as...
Healthy Spaces Before & After
  • Crawlspace Entry in Booneville, KY
    Crawlspace Entry in Booneville, KY

    Crawlspace Entry in Booneville, KY

    Crawlspace entries are about as unsightly as can be, especially on a lovely brick home.  There's just no good way to disguise that piece of plywood or sheet metal tacked over the opening.  In fact, many homes have access wells around the entry door and that draws even more attention to the space.   The Healthy Spaces team helped this Boonville, KY homeowner with their crawlspace entry by removing the rusting access well and installing a durable Turtl crawlspace entry door.  Besides creating a feature that blends in with the earth tones of the home, the Turtl is also able to be locked securely from the outside.  It's rugged plastic exterior won't fade, warp or crack either.  Now, instead of dealing with a drafty and unsecured crawlspace, the homeowners have the latest in crawlspace entry security and aesthetic appeal!
  • Crawlspace Door Installation in Shepherdsville, KY
    Crawlspace Door Installation in Shepherdsville, KY

    Crawlspace Door Installation in Shepherdsville, KY

    Crawlspace access wells are ugly and deteriorated! They let in rain, groundwater, debris, critters, and all manner of disgusting stuff. The homeowners of this home were tired of the seasonal water intrusion and the resulting mold and mildrew problems inherent in a flooded crawlspace. Here is the same crawlspace with a Turtl crawlspace access door installed. The Turtl crawlspace door is airtight and able to be secured. They are designed to make for a safer and easier access without sharp edges. They are durable and much more appealing aesthetically. These Shepherdsville homeowners have stated that with the Turtl door combined with a CleanSpace crawlspace encapsulation system has created a crawlspace that is dry all the time, absent of critters, and cleaner and brighter than ever!
  • Covering Vents in Your Shepherdsville, KY Crawlspace
    Covering Vents in Your Shepherdsville, KY Crawlspace

    Covering Vents in Your Shepherdsville, KY Crawlspace

    We have now determined that a vented crawlspace is a bad idea. Initially, it was assumed that the vents would act like car windows and one vent would allow in fresh outdoor air and the vent on the opposite wall would let the air out, but air pressure laws preclude this from happening. Air pressure in a home makes the vents perform more like a chimney. All vents suck in air and force it upward through the home. This is called the stack effect. The rising air brings with it all the mold, mildew, dust, and allergens and disburses it throughout the home before the air leaves out the highest level. This stack effect reduces the energy efficiency of the home and can drastically decrease the lifespan of your HVAC system, while increasing your heating and cooling bills. Cleanspace vent covers go over the old, inefficient vent covers and leaves a clean looking finish that will seal off the outside air completely. 
  • Vine Grove, KY Access Well Replacement
    Vine Grove, KY Access Well Replacement

    Vine Grove, KY Access Well Replacement

    This Vine Grove, KY crawlspace was experiencing numerous issues.  From this access well, rainwater was entering the crawlspace and creating a mold problem.  Pests and vermin were able to access the crawlspace, too, which added to the overall discomfort in the home.  The homeowners were reporting several telltale signs of mold and fungal intrusion and exposure: low indoor air quality, an increased relative humidity in the home, frequent allergy attacks, and smells emanating from the HVAC system and crawlspace. After installing a safer, more secure access well and Everlast crawlspace entry system, the homeowners were able to keep groundwater out.  In addition, they elected to install a CleanSpace liner and SaniDry dehumidifier.  "This complete system has completely revolutionized our home.  It's easier to breathe and our furnace doesn't kick on as often!" said the homeowner. 
Installation of over 1 Million Square Feet of CleanSpace

Installation of over 1 Million Square Feet of CleanSpace

Great Strides in the Right Direction

Great Strides in the Right Direction

Reader's Choice Award 2005

Reader's Choice Award 2005

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Tim Runyon


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Jon Tornatta

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Kelsey Bullerdick

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