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Testimonials for Healthy Spaces

Testimonial Photo by Shelly C.
Your communication and information/explanation of the process started things off right. Then when it was time for the install, they showed up when they told us they would and worked diligently all day, each day they were on site. We would be communicated with in-person and by text at the end of each day outlining what had been done and what tasks were next. I would get pictures of the space at the end of each day as well. All of that and the friendliness and professionalism made this a very enjoyable experience. The initial contact with you in addition to the field crews installation was top-notch. It isn't a glamorous job by any means, but the pride in doing quality work was apparent.   
Shelly C. of Owensboro, KY
Wednesday, October 5th
We had our entire crawlspace flood on us and needed the mold taken care of pronto.  We decided to use Healthy Spaces because had everything we needed to solve our problems in one stop.  We asked tons of questions throughout the process and Andy and Chad went over everything with us—again and again if we wanted.  We’re huge fans!
Marty S. of Depauw, IN
Friday, January 6th
We recently had Damon Cheatham out to look at our moldy crawlspace.  We discovered the mold when we had our HVAC serviced this summer and the technician told us there was mold.  We had Damon out to look at things and quote us on remediation.  We also wanted to know how to prevent it from coming back in the future.  Damon was very professional and friendly.  He walked us through the mold remediation process, as well as options for permanent solutions.  Great experience!
Kaylie R. of Guston, KY
Friday, August 18th
After I made an appointment with the company, they sent me this wonderful packet. It had information on the companies history. They sent a picture of who my appointment was to be with and his history or qualifications to do the job. Also, there was a booklet about mold with information and tips on helping to prevent future problems. The gentleman that came to see what need to be done took the time to explain everything to me. He did question if I had an inspection done when I purchased the house. I told him yes. He asked if there had been anything about my crawl space, which was no. He had me go take a look at the crawl space with him and showed me the problems. It explained why my living room floor was always so cold. The team that came to do the work was polite and professional. I did not have a problem leaving my house in there hands since I had to work. When they completed the work, I was shown by the team leader what had been done before final payment was even discussed. They cleaned up behind themselves. Not leaving an unusual mess. I am very happy with what they did and would use them again if I need there other services.
Rebecca L. of Huntingburg, KY
The crew were a great group of guys. Did a wonderful job. 
Candace T. of Huntingburgh, IN
Wednesday, July 8th
I used Healthy Spaces for mold remediation in the beginning of December.  They removed all the insulation and removed the entire mold.  Then they put in new insulation.  They also removed and replaced the vapor barrier and they installed a new pump.  They also treated the whole surface of the wood for preventing mold in future.  They were very good!  I would recommend them to other people and did before I moved out of state.
Dana D. of Philpot, KY
Wednesday, December 3rd
They staked a thick plastic material called CleanSpace throughout our extensive crawl space, extensively and thoroughly cleaned all the floor beams and treated them with mold preventer and supplied us with a 25 year warranty (requires yearly inspection). As we were doing this for a home we were preparing to sell, it was nice to be able to have a 25 year transferable warranty for the new owners. A-One Operation from start to finish. Donnie gave us an estimate that was right on -- he explained every step that would be done and exactly how it would be done.  The crew that arrived to do the work were diligent, friendly, mindful of the house and extremely professional and knowledgable. We have subsequently moved to a new home and I will be having them out in the near future to do the same thing to it. I highly recommend them.
David W. of Hartford, KY
Friday, April 3rd
Highly pleased with your representative..have been extremely pleased with everything from your company..from initial meeting to the yearly service
Alice M. of Hartford, KY
Monday, October 25th
Abe and Michael did a great job. Both were nice and friendly. 
Sheri B. of Stendal , IN
Monday, July 27th
Everyone in Healthy Spaces is amazing from the ladies on the phone, crew, and Jimmy! Jimmy has taken the time to show he cares. He has gon out of his way to help. 
Steve C. of Owensboro, KY
Friday, December 5th
Thank you for sending Kyle Wheatman to my house this afternoon. I had some water damage from a leaking pipe that I had fixed and he cleaned up the mess the plumbers left and took many pictures to show me what was going on underneath in the crawl space. He did a fantastic job and was very thorough and knowledgeable in answering all my questions. I consider him one of the best techs I've had the past few years. Please send him out the next time. Also, give him a raise.
Ruth B. of Owensboro, KY
Tuesday, November 30th
Testimonial Photo by Renee and Carl H.
Steve and Corey did the work to seal our crawl space. By their professionalism and overall demeanor, it was oh-so-obvious that these two thoroughly enjoy their work. Both of them greeted me as soon as they got to our house with a hello and a handshake. Simple gestures, but go a long way to establish respect. They had ours from the get-go. They would bring the materials needed for the day to my backyard, and when they left, I couldn't tell they were even there. Never did they leave anything behind. One of the things we appreciated so much was that they gave us an update, with pictures, at the end of every day. Showing us what they accomplished that day and their plans for the next day. If they didn't accomplish what they wanted in their time frame, they would stay until the job was done. Needless to say, my wife and I are very pleased with what Healthy Spaces did to rid our crawl space of unknown years of mold and to fix it to that it won't come back. Helping to prevent us, and our grandchildren, from breathing in that unhealthy air. Not to mention the savings on our heat and air. Steve and Corey are invaluable assets to your company. I hope you have a payroll full of people like them. Give those boys a raise.
Renee and Carl H. of Owensboro, KY
Thursday, December 8th
It has only been six months since we had our crawl space encapsulated and already we have seen positive results. Our crawl space was always damp, even during the dry season. Now it is dry and stays dry even during monsoons. We had a problem with crickets, water bugs and other insect pests. SWAT eliminated them and sealed the area so they couldn’t come back. My wife and daughter have allergies. Since the encapsulation they do not suffer so much from them. My daughter would wake with nosebleeds, but, not once since Steve Phillips and his team installed the CleanSpace system, has she had that problem. The thing I like best about it is warm feet in the winter. Since it is an enclosed space, warm air that would have normally been lost to the outside now stays trapped under the floor, keeping my feet comfortable. Saving so much in heating and A/C costs, the system should pay for itself in no time at all. Also, I cannot speak highly enough about Steve and his crew. They go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. They put quality and pride into their work and stand behind their products and services with the most advanced science of the day.
Mike W. of Central City, KY
Wednesday, April 1st
Ashley just completed our yearly inspection and did a great job! I’m thankful and would recommend her to anyone! Keep up the great work!!
Robert B. of Island, KY
Thursday, December 2nd
I was looking to have some mold remediation done. They came out to do an estimate. I was very impressed with how professional they were. They sent a letter a few days later that really impressed me. THe letter had recommendations from others who enjoyed their service. I would highly recommend them.
Carla L. of Fort Branch, IN
Monday, May 11th
Total testimonials : 151
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