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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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Water in the crawl space

4 Reasons to keep your crawl space dry

  • Discourage mold growth that can pose a serious health hazard.
  • Prevent floor joists and other wood materials from rotting and weakening your house structure.
  • Prevent corrosion from damaging ductwork, water tanks, steel support posts and other metal items.
  • Preserve your home’s real estate value.

Does it matter how much moisture accumulates under your house? Absolutely!

Sure, it’s tempting to ignore a wet crawl space. After all, you don’t have to spend any time in this dark, empty space. Nobody else does, either unless your crawl space has a water heater or HVAC unit that occasionally needs servicing.

But water in the crawl space is cause for concern. Left untreated, a wet crawl space can lead to mold growth, structural damage due to rot and corrosion, and the presence of insect and animal pests. Needless to say, these conditions can dramatically diminish real estate value.

Damaged Crawl Space

Water causes problems. Excessive moisture in the crawl space can saturate fiberglass insulation and cause it to fall out of place. It also causes mold, wood rot and rust damage.

Different crawl space water problems

Water in a crawl space can take any of several forms:

  • Standing water on the crawl space floor
  • Wet soil in a dirt-floored crawl space
  • High humidity in the crawl space
  • Wet wood and insulation due to condensation

To solve any or all of these problems, contact your local crawl space expert at Basement Systems. After conducting a free crawl space inspection, your Basement Systems dealer will explain how to solve your crawl space water problem using patented products and proven techniques.

Transform damp into dry

Your Basement Systems dealer can eliminate standing water in a crawl space by installing the patented SmartPipe™ drainage system, along with a SmartSump™ sump pump system. It’s also recommended that the crawl space be sealed or “encapsulated” using special heavy-duty moisture barriers.

When you combine encapsulation with waterproofing treatment and a heavy-duty crawl space dehumidifier, you have what it takes to transform a wet, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry environment.

Instead of being a liability, your crawl space can be an asset, protecting you from the bad effects of mold, eliminating pests and improving your home’s healthfulness and energy efficiency.

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