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Ayers Basement Systems

2505 S. Waverly Hwy
Lansing, MI 48911
Mon-Thu 7:30am-7:00pm
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Sat 9:00am-2:00pm
In business since 1981

Ayers Basement Systems is the a Basement Systems dealer in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Muskegon, Lansing and Traverse City, MI areas.

Ayers Basement Systems is an independently owned and operated company performing basement waterproofing in the greater Lansing, MI area for more than 25 years. Wanting to build a company that stood out in the home improvement contractor industry, Virgil Ayers founded his company on principles like honesty, integrity and caring. As members in good standing with the NAWSRC as well as the Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan Home Builders Associations, Ayers is enjoying the benefits these principles provide. Their basement waterproofing, crawl space and foundation repair solutions have earned them many satisfied customers and a growing business.

Basement waterproofing products include:

  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Replacement windows
  • And more!

The company prides itself on well-trained field employees who are supported by a knowledgeable office staff ready to answer all your questions, even the technical ones. Their system design specialists perform interior and exterior inspections of your home then customize a plan that's right for you.

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12 Months Same As Cash
By Bridget B.
"We have had you do basement waterproofing, de-humidifaction, mold, sump sumps, and concrete lifting..."
By Tom & Sherry L.
By Robb T.
By Celia W.
"Very polite, Nick & Nick arrived on time and kept us informed all along the way."
Barb G.
West Bloomfield, MI
They were fantastic, respectful of property and really knew what they were doing.
Robert W.
Fenton, MI
This note comes with great appreciation for the quality work done on my damp and wet basement of 30 years...
Grass Lake, MI
Our project manager was Great
Ayers Basement Systems Before & After
  • CleanSpace Saves Flooded Gladwin, MI Crawl Space
    CleanSpace Saves Flooded Gladwin, MI Crawl Space

    CleanSpace Saves Flooded Gladwin, MI Crawl Space

    After intermittent water issues in the crawl space - regularly occurring but usually negligible amounts of water - our customer looked into his crawl space to find four inches of standing water.

    We drained the water (the before picture is the immediate aftermath, where everything is still nice and soggy) and installed a Smart Sump to help with any future water accumulation, before encapsulating the crawl space with the CleanSpace vapor barrier system and drainage matting.

  • Concrete Slab on Sidewalk Lifted in Macomb, MI
    Concrete Slab on Sidewalk Lifted in Macomb, MI

    Concrete Slab on Sidewalk Lifted in Macomb, MI

    Concrete settling creates a tripping hazard and takes away from the attractiveness of your home. Unlike mudjacking, PolyLEVEL uses a unique blend of polymers to raise slab to their original positions. It is also a very clean process. As seen in the after picture, the holes are less than a nickel wide and the slab can be walked on just 15 minutes after the project completion.

  • Bowing Basement Wall in Elsie, Mi
    Bowing Basement Wall in Elsie, Mi

    Bowing Basement Wall in Elsie, Mi

    This homeowner called us because over time their basement wall had began to bow inward. This was a slow process and has horizontal cracks around the bowing. They weren't experiencing any water issues...yet. We assured them it was best to get it fixed before they did have a foot of water in the basement or before the foundation failed. 

    After a careful inspection and talking to the homeowners we both decided the best solution to the problem would be to install our Carbon Fiber straps. Carbon fiber is made of a very high tensile strength that is impossible to stretch. This makes it easy to adhere the carbon fiber to the bowing wall. This makes the wall stay where it's at without getting any worse over more time. 

  • CleanSpace Encapsulation Saves Ypsilanti Dogs from Dust
    CleanSpace Encapsulation Saves Ypsilanti Dogs from Dust

    CleanSpace Encapsulation Saves Ypsilanti Dogs from Dust

    Sometimes you just know something is wrong, even without obvious symptoms. This was the case with our customer in Ypsilanti, who called with a problem crawl space. But the culprit wasn't flooding, or mildew, or even cold floors. It was dust.

    There were little signs of all the others, of course, but their major impetus for calling was the excessive amount of dust that seemed to be in the house at all times. They were concerned for their health and the health of their six dogs.

    So we checked it out, and sure enough, the vented crawl space was the dust culprit. Dust (and water, and bugs, and who knows what else) would enter through the vents, then travel through the ducts to the rest of the house.

    We encapsulated the crawl space with our CleanSpace vapor barrier system and installed SilverGlo insulation panels to protect the crawl space from the elements, and the house above from the crawl space. And to make sure the job was complete, we sealed off those pesky vents with our Everlast Crawl Space Vent Covers.

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Field Supervisor

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