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CleanSpace Covers & Seals Dirt Floors in Grand Rapids, MI Crawl Space

Tom and Sally had recently purchased a rental property and were looking to waterproof the basement. The couple previously had work done by Ayers and were thoroughly impressed, so they decided to call again! Ayers determined from an inspection that water was seeping through the foundation and draining incorrectly. Thus, the team suggested installing CleanSpace and Drainage Matting. Tom and Sally were more than happy with the Install as not only did the basement look better, but it was, more importantly, waterproofed!

TripleSafe Protects Grosse Ile, MI, Home from Leaking Water

Shannon realized her old sump pump was failing, causing water to leak on the floor, so she called Ayers for help. Our crew visited her home to evaluate and recommend a solution. They determined the TripleSafe sump pump system would be the best option for preventing failure. TripleSafe includes primary, backup, and battery-powered pumps in case of emergencies. Shannon is happy to have a working sump pump!

Basement Waterproofing Job Ends Water Damage in Grosse Pointe Park, MI, Home

Jeff's basement had notable water damage that needed a permanent solution. Heavy rains were leading to this damage, so he called Ayers to make the best recommendation. We suggested our subfloor interior drainage system called WaterGaurd. This drain collects water seeping through the walls and reroutes it to the sump pump. We poured fresh concrete over WaterGaurd to conceal it within the space. Jeff feels relieved since he no longer has to worry about water intrusion each time it rains!

Basement Safety Improved by Egress Window in Trenton, MI

Marlene was excited to move into her home until she noticed the basement windows wouldn't open. She knew she needed this fixed, so she called Ayers. A crew of experts visited her house and suggested installing an egress window. When it comes to basement safety, egress windows offer exit steps for easy evacuation and durability to withstand pressure from heavy rocks and soil. Marleen is happy to have her peace of mind back!

WaterGuard System Prevents Further Water Damage for Eastpointe, MI Homeowner Dealing With Leaks

Michael's unfinished basement was running into water intrusion issues during rains where the wall and floor met. He decided he needed to call Ayers for our waterproofing solutions. Our customer care team set an appointment with Michael for our crew to inspect his home. From the inspection, our System Design Specialists recommended that we install the WaterGuard System we provide. This is a subfloor drainage system that collects water leaking in through the walls. We hook this system to the sump pump so the water is directed here rather than on his floor. The drain is placed along the perimeter of the basement, resting in a bed of drainage stone and on top of the footing of the foundation to prevent clogging. Lastly, it is concealed with concrete to blend with the space. Michael will no longer need to stress about water damage!

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