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Before & After Photos

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90's Egress Window Gets an Update

A 1992 home needed an update for its egress window. The original egress was dated, drafty, retained water close to the home, and lacked a proper exterior covering. Our foreman swiftly went to work and installed a replacement window, a galvanized steel well, and an exterior window cover. The customers were relieved knowing they wouldn't have to worry about water seeping in through the window anymore.

Kalamazoo, MI Home Receives Basement Waterproofing System

In Kalamazoo, MI, a homeowner's peaceful basement became a concern when a wet carpet and signs of infiltration were discovered. Left unchecked, these issues risked turning into larger, costly problems. As you can see in the photo before, the state was alarming - there was evident water damage in their block foundation. However, our solution transformed the space entirely. In the after photo, notice how our BrightWall paneling and WaterGuard system provide a clean, serene, and, crucially, dry environment. Combining these solutions, we've rectified the immediate water issue and safeguarded the basement against future threats - ensuring a pleasant and worry-free home for years.

Elkhart Indiana Home Cleans Out CobWebs and Gets a New Crawls Space

 A dirty, musty Elkhart basement received an unwanted host of spiders in the crawl space. A 1970s home's unsealed crawl space was letting in water and unwanted pests, mainly spiders. Upon inspection, our systems specialist did not find mold but noticed a heavy smell of mildew, indicating there were cracks that needed to be sealed because insects and moisture were seeping in. The cracks were likely due to the home's unstable foundation. Helical piers were set in place (not pictured) to restore the home to a stable foundation. A vapor barrier was then installed in the crawl space to eliminate moisture and points of entry for spiders.

New Egress Window in South Bend

Egress window was needed to brighten up a basement and increase the safety of the home. 

CleanSpace Covers & Seals Dirt Floors in Grand Rapids, MI Crawl Space

Tom and Sally had recently purchased a rental property and were looking to waterproof the basement. The couple previously had work done by Ayers and were thoroughly impressed, so they decided to call again! Ayers determined from an inspection that water was seeping through the foundation and draining incorrectly. Thus, the team suggested installing CleanSpace and Drainage Matting. Tom and Sally were more than happy with the Install as not only did the basement look better, but it was, more importantly, waterproofed!

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