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Testimonials for Ayers Basement Systems

John Conrad was very knowledgeable about the situation. Matt Houghtaling and his crew went above expected service! They were fantastic, respectful of property and really knew what they were doing. Matt updated me of changes and totally advised me of the the situation. I cannot express how grateful I am for your expertise and courteous service. I greatly appreciate the service of Matt and his crew. I will recommend them! 
Barb G. of West Bloomfield, MI
Wednesday, October 12th
Ken was very informative. We read the book that was sent to me which helped me ask the right questions. The crew that did the install in our home were great and very polite! They informed of us everything they were doing every step of the way.  We chose Ayers because out of 3 estimates, Ken was the only one who actually took the time to look and  explain in depth what was needed. He answered all of my questions and we knew we were in good hands by the way he spoke with such knowledge and such confidence that the uneasiness of having the work done had left. The book that was sent to me was awesome! I read the entire book front to back! It helped me with my other estimates. I knew what questions to ask and what the answers should be concerning. I was thankful for it!  Ayers transformed my crawlspace from an unpleasant environment to completely finished with their CleanSpace product. My floors are warmer, the earth smell is gone and my home is cleaner with less dust. I have a fear of rodents, snakes or any other animal getting down in my crawlspace. We are very happy that Ayers is there to help with these things. The value of our home will even go up!  Thank you Ayers!!! Sincerely, Your happiest customer
Jessie D. of Jackson, MI
Tuesday, December 29th
Dear Mr. Ayers, Martin Parsons was welcomed inot our home on August 15th to provide a repair estimate.  Mr. Parsons is quite remarkable - he impressed us with his demeanor, mastery of technical issues, skillful presentation, ability to effectively communicate and patiently answer our questions thoroughly and resolutely.  By any standard, he is exceptional... possessing stellar qualities that represent your company in its very best light. Thought you should know... Sincerely, Dennis & Bernice K.
Dennis & Bernice K. of Okemos, MI
Tuesday, August 16th
My overall experience with Ayers was top drawer. Internally, the call staff returned all of my calls promptly. David, the project manager, was great to work with. I could tell he was smart and had a lot of experience with what he was doing. All together the crew was knowledgeable and quick workers. They left the job site clean and better than they found it.  I used Ayers once before and was pleased with the speed and efficiency of the installation.  Thank you, Dinning Builders Inc. Terry
Dinning Builders (Terry) of East Lansing, MI
Monday, October 19th
I have had basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation and concrete leveling done by Ayers. I have been very pleased with the quality of the work and the skill, knowledge, professionalism and courtesy of all the employees who have worked at my home. I highly recommend Ayers!
Cynthia H. of East Lansing, MI
Thursday, July 9th
Matthew is an amazing person; you can tell what a good man he is from the first time you meet him. He is genuine and cares about what he does with Ayers and wants to give you the absolute BEST outcome possible. I trusted him immediately! The amount of work that we ultimately needed was over $10,000 more than we had planned for, and if it weren't for Matthew's ability to show compassion towards me and my severe disappointment, I never would have listened, absorbed, or understood what steps would be necessary to take care of our crawl space. If it weren't for Matthew I also never would have signed a new work proposal under those circumstances. I trusted him completely and will always be grateful for what he did for me that day. Matthew's crew, Dylan and Charles, worked long and hard on my project. They went above and beyond with how quickly they worked. The job had its challenges and it didn't slow them down. Our low ceiling and steel beams made it a hazardous working condition, but they persevered, and the job was finished better and sooner than anticipated. I couldn't be happier! This is the beginning of a new and healthier life for my family and me; truly life-changing. May God bless Matthew, his crew, Greg and your company.
Audra S. of Bath, MI
Monday, October 31st
We had the Ayers system installed in October and after the May rains the basement is still completely dry even though we have had standing water in our side yard for three weeks. Justin was out today to fix a minor problem with our outside drain and did a great job!
Carl M. of Battle Creek, MI
Friday, June 12th
Dear Ayers Basement Systems, We are sending you this letter to let you know how pleased we were to do business with your company... and your staff personnel were wonderful! Many thanks to: Greg Brown (sales), Gage Pederson, Ryan Mire, Doug Hawley, Logan Praski, and Troy Miller. We were so impressed with how polite they all were, and how they stayed on task and finished the job within the timeframe allotted. As business owners ourselves, we know how important a good employee is. These employees definitely represented your company well! We will definitely recommend your company to everyone! Sincerely, Mark & Laurie B.
Laurie & Mark B. of Fowler, MI
Tuesday, August 23rd
In April 2020, a team from Ayers came out to install a new system in my basement. The crew was extremely hard working, polite and conscientious. Unfortunately, on May 19 when the Edenville dam broke, my home was severely flooded. I called Ayers because the sump was no longer working and Matt G came out within a couple hours. He was able to figure out the issue was with the new outlet that was underwater during the flood and quickly get the sump running again. Matt took a look around at the wreckage of my basement and lower level and made some calls, securing two dehumidifiers I could rent at a very reasonable cost. The next day, a Saturday, he brought them to my home and installed them. Excellent service – but it did not end there. Matt jumped in with a team of volunteer friends and family to help clear the debris from my home. He worked very hard for several hours. When he overheard me say that I had not eaten in several days, he handed me his own snack bar and encouraged me to take a break and eat. That kind of care and concern for a stranger, “customer” or not, was pretty incredible. After taking time to explain how to optimize the dehumidifiers and offering great advice on flood recovery, Matt spent the rest of a long day checking in with my neighbors to see if he could help them out too. Although it was very frustrating to spend so much money to waterproof my basement, only to be flooded by something well outside what any warranty could possibly be expected to cover, I am SO glad I went with Ayers! Every single member of the Ayers staff that I have come in contact with has been exceptional, but Matt deserves a special mention for his compassion and dedication. He represents the company very well and truly is a terrific human being! I am extremely grateful for his help – it made a very difficult time easier and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Kyle M  
Kyle M. of Midland, MI
Tuesday, June 16th
Testimonial Photo by Jack F.
Dear Ayers Basement Systems, I am very pleased with the WaterGuard System, exterior foundation flashing and the trench drain with lawnscape outlet which you installed at my home on June 15-17. My situation was a little different in that it was my garage which was leaking. One side has a block wall which is partially below grade and the opposite side is a frame wall above grade. The WaterGuard System on the block wall and the below grade flashing on the exterior of the foundation on the opposite wall solved the problems of water entering at the juncture of the floor and walls. The trench drain, out 24" in front of the overhead garage doors, solved a problem of water accumulating in a low area and running in at the corners of the garage doors when closed. Your crew, led by Nick Wolf, did a very professional job. They were diligent, conscientious and receptive to my strive for perfection. Everything was cleaned up at the end of the two days and was left very neat when the job was finished. Those fellows are keepers.  I can very highly recommend your solution to solving water problems. The success of your system was proven last night when we had a very heavy deluge of rain and no water appeared on the garage floor. Thank you, Jack F.
Jack F. of Kalamazoo, MI
Tuesday, July 7th
Thank you for a great job. It exceeded all of my expectations. My satisfaction with the work is due in large part to the project's foreman - Gage and his team. Gage exhibited the highest degree of technical expertise and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with him! Thank you.
Don B. of Gobles, MI
Tuesday, August 18th
I had a large crack on my basement wall that was causing water to leak in and cause unwanted moisture. Steve showed me that Ayers' FlexiSpan crack repair system would be the best solution to my problem. The job was lead by the foreman Chris, and finished within a day. I am happy with my purchase and am glad my water problem is no longer and issue. 
Nancy K. of Niles, MI
Monday, January 12th
We sought out three contractors and Ayers came in as the most knowledgeable and economical. With an excellent warranty offered and a good explanation of our problem we hired Ayers. They came sooner than expected and their crew described our basement and any issues that we might encounter as they began their work. Communication with this company is amazing, from sales to work crew. I expected the project to be more noisy and messy but the crew took precautions to keep our home dust free. In no time our repair was made, the paperwork and maintenance schedule was clearly and thoroughly reviewed and the crew left. The area clean up was excellent. I would highly recommend Ayers for any basement waterproofing.
Julie F. of Grand Rapids, MI
Friday, June 12th
I wanted to let you know what an amazing employee you have in Daniel A. My 86-year-old mother , Joyce Bidwell, had flooding in her lower living space. My father is ill and she is caring for him (a full time effort). She had been up every two hours for a week trying to contain the water. By the time Dan was able to meet with us, my mom was exhausted. Dan was early, professional and so respectful of my parents. He did all that he could to include my father (who is deaf) in the conversation. I was there and my mom and I asked a lot of questions. He answered them all and never rushed us. We watched the presentation and decided we would have Ayers do the work. All was going great until, my poor Mom heard it would be August before they could be placed on the schedule. She cried and was just so overwhelmed. Dan explained why and said if there were any cancellations he would see if she could get moved up. He let her know the odds weren’t good that it would happen. She was very sad but decided that she would still go ahead. Dan understood and offered to bring her sand bags to try and stem some of the water flow. Dan showed up early with huge sand bags. My father attempted to lift one but of course could not.  Dan told him not to worry and proceeded to carry them all in my himself. It is quite a distance and they were very heavy. Once he was done, he gave her the best news ever, the work could be done in June. I cannot thank Dan enough for all that he did. With all of the Covid-19 craziness, my parents had really had a rough couple months. He kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. Sincerely, Beth Bidwell Johnson
Joyce B. of Rockford, MI
Friday, June 5th
My name is Richard M and I just retired as a Police Undersheriff for the State of Michigan. I was all signed up to go with [an Ayers competitor] and Carl showed up and asked that an inspection should be done as I went through Angies list. He came in and explained our issue. Instead of walking around like a CockRoach examiner he had clothes on so he could crawl, inpect and examine my problem. Wow! I have never seen anyone go beyond pointing a flashlight around and he was still not happy until everything was completely inspected.  I bet he spent close to a hour down there making sure everything was going to be right the first time.  In my years of police work I have never seen an actual inspection done as completely as what Carl did.  After he was done, his price was higher than [the Ayers competitor] and he thanked me for the opportunity to have a chance to quote on the job.   Later that afternoon he asked if he could talk to us again. He explained that he lived nearby and that our daughters went to school together. That made me feel a little more comfortable. When all was said and done he took the existing contract and sat at our table for around a half an hour and matched [the Ayers competitor's] price and I included a sump basin. We decided to go with Ayers because if they have people working with the same integrity as Carl, then I had a gut feeling that Ayers was the way to go. I called back [the Ayers competitor] and stopped payment on the check as they didn't recieve it yet and they said no problem that the check would be mailed back as it was not cashable anyway.   When everything was over, my family went down to the basement to start tearing out the wet carpet. Instead of going home after the deal, Carl came down and for more than an hour he helped tear up the carpet on his own time. I mean off-the-clock and helping. I couldn't believe it.  When he was done and he was no longer a worker, I wanted to give him some money and he would not take it as raising kids and a family is not cheap. No matter what we did, the money was not accepted. He said he works for Ayers and his loyalty is with them and just didn't feel right even though he was off work.   I hope and pray that Ayers have the same type of pride and excellent work ethic as Carl as we just could not afford to have this done again. Please tell Carl our hearts go out to him and to Ayers for exceeding everything I expected. My son is a State Senator and I told him the story and he was impressed. On behalf of the Miller family, thank you Ayers and a special thanks to Carl.   Richard T. Miller retired Undersheriff County of Clare Michigan State Police academy graduate
Richard M. of Farwell, MI
Tuesday, June 16th
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