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Testimonials for DBC Remodeling & Construction

Dan & Abby M. of Fairview, PA
Monday, September 25th
Meet Fane, a satisfied homeowner who couldn't be happier with the work done by DBC. After experiencing the excellent craftsmanship of their sunroom project last year, Fane decided to call Jeff and Tim for another home improvement endeavor. This time, they transformed their entire basement to create more bedrooms for their grandkids. Fane expresses his immense satisfaction with DBC's work, noting the exceptional quality and the friendly crews that worked on both projects. With the basement remodel, they've opened up their house, regained their living room, and provided the best Christmas present for their family. Join us in celebrating their joy and the magic of home renovation! Don't forget to 'Subscribe' for more heartwarming stories of transformation.
Fane J. of Saegertown, PA
Monday, October 9th
Betty shares why she went with DBC for her garage to sewing room conversion. We love hearing how pleased she was with the daily clean up before the crew headed home each day.
Betty W. of Waterford, PA
Friday, September 9th
Rick says its one of the best decisions he has ever made!
Rick and Elena S. of Erie, PA
Tuesday, January 4th
Meet Jeff, a delighted homeowner who entrusted DBC Construction with a comprehensive basement transformation, from waterproofing to the stunning finished product. Jeff's journey with DBC began when he noticed their trailers around town and connected with them at a local home show. After a thorough consultation, they decided to hire DBC, and the experience was nothing short of fantastic. The courteous and attentive workers, along with excellent communication, made the process seamless. Jeff highlights their commitment to answering every question and their daily cleanup routine. If you're seeking top-notch basement renovations, Jeff highly recommends DBC Construction. Join us in exploring this remarkable transformation and discover why DBC is the go-to choice for your home improvement needs!
Shelley & Jeff B. of Erie, PA
Monday, October 9th
Witness the DBC Difference through Lisa's words! She says her experience with us was different than any other construction company she's worked with in the past. In this video, Lisa shares her story about how DBC not only met but exceeded her expectations when it came to finishing her basement.  Our approach to finished basements, she says, sets us apart.  Join Lisa as she recounts her positive experience.
Lisa R. of Erie, PA
Tuesday, October 10th
John and Barb Basement Testimonial - Full Basement Remodel with Hot Tub
John and Barb B. of Erie, PA
Tuesday, January 4th
John and Barb share with us their experience with Total Basement Finishing projects and DBC construction. 
John and Barb B. of Erie, PA
Friday, September 9th
Meet Scott and Beth, delighted homeowners who embarked on a remarkable journey with DBC to transform their entire basement. Living just down the road from DBC, their curiosity was piqued when Jeff shared insights about the owner's background as a pastor and the strong team-oriented spirit at DBC. In this video, they share their experience, highlighting the exceptional communication, impeccable craftsmanship, and innovative design ideas that exceeded their expectations. The attention to detail left them in awe, and they were thrilled by the unique designs presented to them. Scott and Beth couldn't be happier with their transformed space, and they highly recommend DBC to anyone seeking home improvements. Join us in celebrating their home renovation journey! Don't forget to 'Subscribe' for more inspiring stories of transformation.
Scott and Beth S. of Erie, PA
Tuesday, October 10th
David P. of Erie, PA
Tuesday, October 10th
Morris and Deanna M. of Erie, PA
Monday, October 9th
Jeff and Phil, two of our valued crew members, made an impression on client Barbara. Take a listen as she shares her experience working with these two hardworking men. 
Barbara R. of Erie, PA
Monday, January 10th
Keith and Aurora talk about their experience with DBC installing waterproofing and Total Basement Finishing panels to their previously flooded basement. Total Basement Finishing panels are perfect for restoration of a damaged basement space.
Keith and Aurora H. of Erie, PA
Friday, September 9th
Casey and John got an awesome new basement office thanks to DBC Construction. They heard great things about them and decided to give it a try. The planning process was easy and exactly what they wanted. DBC kept them informed and explained everything clearly. They love their new office and are considering more projects in the future. Casey and John highly recommend DBC Construction for top-notch service and results.
John and Casey H. of Erie, PA
Monday, October 9th
...the crews were courteous and respectful. They cleaned up each night and showed up on time each day. Any concerns we had were dealt with quickly and professionally.
Erik C. of Edinboro, PA
Friday, April 2nd
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