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Installing a Waterproofing System in Galax, VA

Basements are prone to flooding and moisture problems. Water finds its way inside via walls, floors, joints, and cracks. In some cases, moisture will even penetrate through porous concrete and inside the area. To keep water from destroying this Galax, VA basement, the team installed our best sump pump system: the TripleSafe. This system offers three reliable levels of protection, ensuring your basement is kept dry even during power outages. 

Basement Near Amonate, VA Gets a Sump Pump System

This customer near Amonate, VA knew she had a moisture problem in her basement. She called out our team for an inspection, during which we determined that she needed a reliable system. We recommended our TripleSafe sump pump and perimeter drainage system, which catch and direct water safely outside of the home. 

Protecting a Church Basement from Flooding Near Sugar Grove, VA

Our team visited a church near Sugar Grove, VA that had an excess of water in the basement. Water accumulates in below-grade spaces due to heavy rains, and it will create the right conditions for mold if not remediated. To fix it, our team installed a sump pump system and perimeter drainage system, which keep moisture from building and causing damage. 

Basement Waterproofing Near Pilgrim's Knob, VA

Our team paid a visit to a church not far from Pilgrim's Knob, VA to inspect the basement. It tended to be a moist area, especially during heavy rains and periods of high humidity. We recommended two key systems: our CleanSpace Wall Vapor Barrier and TripleSafe sump pump. The systems work together to keep water and humidity from damaging the interior. 

Waterproofing a Basement Near Richlands, VA

A customer located not far from Richlands, VA noticed water pooling inside his basement after heavy rains. Concerned, he contacted our team to come out and make a waterproofing recommendation. We ended up installing the TripleSafe, our most durable sump pump. Providing three levels of protection, it is a comprehensive way to keep below-grade spaces dry. 

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