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We Provide Crawl Space Encapsulation & Insulation in Little Rock, AR

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Little Rock, AR is serviced by Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas

Do you have mold growth in your crawl space? Have you felt cold drafts or smelled foul odors coming from the crawl space? Are your floors sagging slightly? CleanSpace offers the quality crawl space solutions that you need to make your home comfortable again. Our patented crawl space solutions have proven successful throughout the country and no matter what your specific problem, you can count on our experts to be there to help with our crawl space repair, insulation, and encapsulation solutions!

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair in Little Rock

Crawl spaces by their very nature encourage homeowners to ignore them. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. However, problems in the crawl space do not stay isolated and can have dire consequences for the rest of your home as well. Remember that much of the air in your home will pass through your crawl space at some point and pick up particles from whatever is down there. You could also notice structural problems begin to crop up like sagging floors. CleanSpace dealers solve these problems with our crawl space repair and encapsulation systems. Our crawl space products include:

  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Floor and wall vapor barriers
  • Drainage systems
  • Vent covers and crawl space doors

These products seal off the crawl space from the outside, creating an enclosed environment that is clean, dry, and healthy. We eliminate the problem right at the source so that you can rest easy knowing it won't simply crop up again.

Crawl Space Insulation

One common way that crawl spaces affect the rest of your home is by causing heat loss. This problem is only made worse by the popularity of fiberglass batts for crawl space insulation. Fiberglass batts are extremely susceptible to moisture and often absorb so much moisture they compress and fall onto the floor, sometimes introducing an additional mold problem. Here at CleanSpace we offer proven crawl space insulation products that will help prevent future heat loss through your crawl space and won't rot or cause further problems down the line.

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Do you want your crawl space to be an asset to your home rather than a detriment? Contact CleanSpace today! We offer the long-lasting and proven solutions you need for crawl space repair, insulation, encapsulation, and more! We offer free estimates in Little Rock and nearby areas!

Recent job requests for crawl space repair in Little Rock, AR:

Project Location: Booker St., Little Rock, 72205

Comment: Need crawl space vapor barrier replaced

Project Location: Cartier Lane, Little Rock, 72211

Comment: I was told by our termite contractor that the crawl space joists have fungus growing and it will rot the joists over time. I was also told that the poly on the dirt needs to be replaced.

Project Location: Millbrook Rd, Little Rock, 72211

Comment: Need someone to access crawl space for possible water intrusion and cost of installing moisture barrier.

Project Location: Tall Pine Blvd, Little Rock, 72204

Comment: Waterproofing is needed as well as the basement needs a vapor barrier. Other concerns also requiring consultation.

Project Location: Serian Circle, Little Rock, 72223

Search Request: basement vapor barrier little rock

Comment: Wet basement, moldy smells, wood rot

Project Location: Trumpler St, Little Rock, 72211

Comment: Moisture in crawl space. Concrete blocks have some staining

Project Location: Woodsgate Drive, Little Rock, 72211

Comment: We would like to protect our crawl space from problems with moisture.

Project Location: Robinwood Drive, Little Rock, 72227

Comment: I need a quote on a crawl space that has water issues.

Project Location: Countryside Cove, Little Rock, 72223

Comment: New construction with wet spots in basement

Project Location: Fern Valley Lane, Little Rock, 72211

Comment: After rain, each time, we get 1/2 ro 1 inch of water in crawlspace. seeping through cynder blocks... also inside garage lots of water. House is brand new.

Project Location: Warwick Rd, Little Rock, 72205

Comment: Cover crawlspace with moisture barrier, automatic vents, and close holes where rats have come in. 1400 sq ft house

Project Location: Velda Cove, Little Rock, 72206

Comment: Has a dirt crawl space, brick foundation, wanted to add vents-- I spoke to him about encapsulation and de-humidification as being the right way to go. He also has concerns that the floors are starting to weaken. -Charlene

Project Location: Carrilon Street, Little Rock, 72205

Comment: I am interested in a free estimate for crawl space sealing.

Project Location: Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock, 72223

Comment: I have a crawl space door at ground level but at a low spot. Even though the crawl space has been sealed, i'm still getting water under the house from the door. help!

Project Location: Piney Lane, Little Rock, 72223

Comment: Have moisture in the crawl space. need some inexpensive ways to create a dryer space in Crawl space.

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