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Mountain Crawl Space, Inc.

2922 I-70 Business Loop Suite F
Grand Junction, CO 81504
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
In business since 2007

Mountain Crawl Space specializes in crawl space moisture control for homeowners throughout Grand Valley, Grand Mesa, and Greater Grand Junction, CO. Water vapor, in the form of humidity, will literally flow into the home through crawl space vents, leaving mold and rot-supporting condensation and moisture on all cool surfaces in the area. If this problem is ignored, it will only worsen in time, eventually leading to serious damage to the wood beams and supports in the Colorado crawl space environment. If you have a wet or damp crawl space, odors coming from below your home, crawl space mold, or you're interested in saving on your energy bills through our patented crawl space encapsulation or vapor barrier systems, please don't hesitate to call or contact us today for a free crawl space vapor barrier estimate in Montrose, CO and the surrounding areas.

Asbestos Removal in Colorado

Asbestos Removal and Abatement in Colorado

Asbestos can cause many health concerns if it is friable. Friable means the asbestos material has become dry and can easily break or crumble. If you suspect that you may have friable asbestos in your home or workplace, contact us today for an inspection and remediation quote. We provide asbestos services throughout all of Colorado State.

We can handle any size project, commercial or residential, all while keeping within your budget. We are not only certified to the highest level, but we also maintain high standards of quality. Our standards are so high that we trust our own family members to work in the remediation environments, without any harm.

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