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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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CrawlSpace Encapsulation in Longmeadow, MA

A homeowner in Longmeadow, MA was having rodent and insect issues in his crawlspace. The floor in his crawlspace was all dirt, so there was easy access for pests to enter. He gave DryZone Basement Systems a call to see what they could do about this matter. After a full inspection, we sent a crew to install our CleanSpace vapor barrier onto the whole floor of the crawlspace. This vapor barrier creates a layer between the cold dirt and his crawlspace, so that no moisture or pests could enter. With our CleanSpace installed, this homeowner can go about his days knowing his crawlspace is protected!

Moist Crawlspace in Westerly, RI

A homeowner in Westerly, RI wanted to make her crawlspace more dry so that people can have an easy time navigating through it. The issue was that there was no barrier or protection within the crawlspace to keep it dry. So she contacted DryZone Basement Systems for help. After inspection, our crew did a wonderful job lining up the crawlspace wall with CleanSpace vapor barrier. This is our moisture controlling system that protects the crawlspace from pests, rot and mold! With this barrier in place, this homeowner can live with a peace of mind knowing she has a well protected crawlspace! 

Encapsulated Crawlspace in Westerly, RI

A homeowner from Westerly, RI wanted to slow down the moisture and vapors from entering his crawlspace. The soil that surrounds his foundation has been the root cause of all the humidity in the crawlspace, so we took care of the situation by encapsulating the area with CleanSpace vapor barrier. This is the best way to prevent moisture from entering, and it is wise to get a job like this done so you won't have to experience mold, smells and humidity. In addition, we took out the old insulation and swapped it with our SilverGlo wall insulation. 

Vapor Barrier Installment in Westerly, RI

Moisture was a big issue for this home in Westerly, RI. Any area with high-humidity creates an opportunity for mold to grow in. Nobody wants to deal with mold! So we covered the walls with CleanSpace wall vapor barrier to safeguard the walls from any harm of moisture intrusion. 

CleanSpace Application In Northampton, MA

A homeowner in Northampton, MA was worried about the state of his basement. Whenever he'd walk down to the basement, he would be overwhelmed with the feeling of humidity. This was due to the standing water sitting across his floor. To fix this issue, DryZone Basement Systems installed a TripleSafe sump pump to discharge the water collected from our WaterGuard interior drainage system!

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