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FloodRing® Water Tank Protection System

Advantages of FloodRing®

  • Carries water from leaks to the waterproofing system and out of your basement.
  • Two-piece design allows for watertight seal without disturbing the existing tank.
  • Optional alarm can alert you of a leak.

FloodRing® Water Tank Flood Protection

Preventing water damage from a leaking water heater or well-water tank

How do you know when your hot water tank is about to fail? The answer is that you won't until it begins to leak - typically there won’t get any warning at all! The average life span of a water heater is around seven years, and when it does fail, a pressurized, unlimited amount of water can flood your basement.

Water storage tanks will also continuously drip onto your basement floor during the humid summer months from unending condensation. We've had some homeowners call us because they thought their basement was leaking from the outside.

Basement Systems has a solution to the dripping and eventually leaking water tank: the FloodRing® Water Tank Protection System.

Unique design allows for easy installation

The patented FloodRing® is designed in a unique semicircle shape so it can be installed without disturbing the water heater or well tank. Two sections of the FloodRing® system are joined and adhered to the floor with a special epoxy, creating a watertight seal.

How FloodRing® works

When the water heater leaks, the FloodRing® contains the flooding and drains the water away. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

The FloodRing® water tank protection system drains any water into a waterproofing system, sump pump, gravity drain, or other drainage option. The FloodRing® is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Basement Systems' WaterGuard® or DryTrak® perimeter drainage systems, or one of the sump pump systems -- the TripleSafe or SuperSump® sump pumps.

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