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Testimonials for Franks Basement Systems

Josh completed our annual maintenance this week. Fantastic experience! He was polite and thorough. I really appreciated how he wore booties in the house after having to walk across the muddy lawn to turn on the hose. Looking forward to seeing him again next year.
Michele W. of Holland, NY
Monday, November 21st
Leo and his crew arrived on schedule, they were professional and courteous.  Leo explained to me in detail what they would doing and he answered any questions that I had.  They left everything clean and neat at the end of each work day.  Leo spoke with me at the end of the project making sure that I was satisfied.  In all I would say that they went above and beyond my expectations.  
Daniel & Wendy K. of Boston, NY
Thursday, August 24th
Ryan was absolutely spectacular in helping me diagnose exactly what to do about the water coming in when the heavy rain started yesterday. It has been an issue that no one has been able to really figure out. He immediately climbed under the deck in cold, pouring rain with literally no protective clothes on to check if we were right about the source of the water. He explained everything thoroughly and was so reassuring. He is a rockstar. All three were very competent, professional and hard workers. I am so happy.
Sasha Y. of Lake View, NY
Wednesday, October 19th
He answered all my questions and was very, very polite.
Earl H. of Elma, NY
Thursday, December 2nd
Thanks Donnie for your time spent explaining what and how Frank's would correct my water issues. Eric did such a awesome job at my house - informative, courteous, helpful. Eric, Ace & Javi did a terrific job! Thank you for that, the great cleanup and for going the extra mile for me. I will highly recommend your company due to all of you!
Susan M. of Alden, NY
Tuesday, September 21st
Thank you for all of your time and hard work! We look forward to enjoying our basement more in the coming years.
Rob and Amber H. of Lancaster, NY
Tuesday, August 16th
I had drainage installed by Frank's and I was impressed with the professionalism of the crew. They answered my many questions, explained what they were going to do and cleaned my property before they left. I would recommend them to friends and family.
Cindy K. of Depew, NY
Thursday, August 23rd
Dan came to my home and investigated the problem. He was careful, thorough, and appropriately cautious - explaining that he wanted to consult the plumbing team before finalizing his diagnosis of the problem. Dan is courteous, professional, and competent.
Amber S. of Amherst, NY
Friday, July 8th
We had our basement waterproofed with drain tile, a new sump pump and a few beams put in by Frank’s. We started our project with the help of Charles Collins (wonderful) and within a couple of weeks a crew was out to start the project. Thank you to Gilbert Narvaez, Edward Fernandez, Shamir Torres and Miguel Marti for all of your hard work. We are very happy with our basement and we are so glad water will no longer be an issue for us in our basement. We would recommend Frank’s!
Danielle P. of Williamsville, NY
Monday, November 21st
Amazing transformation of my crawl space!!! Rob and his co-workers were friendly, polite and professional. Rob explained everything and answered any questions I had. Everything was cleaned up before they left. The salesman, Donnie, was great as well and was always responsive to my phone calls and questions. Overall great experience with excellent customer service from everyone!!!  
Linnea L. of Amherst, NV
Tuesday, September 21st
We recently had our basement wall replaced, as well as drain tile and I-beams. It was a lot of hard work in less than ideal conditions: rain, snow, winds, cobwebs, lots of dust, etc... While this was going on, my husband was recovering from heart surgery and our refrigerator died. it was chaotic. That being said, we love our "like new" basement and all the amenities included. Now, it's time to acknowledge some folks who made this possible: Ray S.- our friendly salesperson who always gave us the straight scoop and took our needs and financial concerns into consideration. I must have called Ray with questions a hundred times and he never seemed to tire of it. I felt comfortable with him and the information he provided about Frank's and what the job would entail. His enthusiasm made it an easy choice to go with Frank's. Randy and the baseement wall team- a great group of guys that work so well together. Everyone was nice, kind, considerate and hard working. Always started on time and explained things to us everyday. Randy is a fantastic leader and it shows not only in the way the team gets the job done, but how much fun they have together. Such a pleasure to meet all of them. Leo and the drainage/I-beam team- a nice bunch of guys that were also very kind, considerate and hard working. All the dust created by breaking up the concrete didn't phase them in the least. They did everything they could do to minimize the effect of the job on our daily routine. Leo always has a smile on his face and it is contagious! The team worked so well together, and had fun, too! We miss all of them. Jeremy and the plumbing/HVAC team- early on in the project, Jeremy and another member of the team came to our house late one evening to inspect/change the temporary set-up that allowed me to be able to do laundry. I remember it was dark, windy, and raining, and after having worked on other jobs all day, they still came to make sure I could wash clothes. Jeremy, and I believe it was Tom, were back several times to move duct work, re-hook up the central air, and install the new stationary tub. Jeremy was not feeling well, but they both worked past dinner time to get things finished. Last but not least, Shawn- another nice member of your service team that came to check and fix a small water leak. Now that it is much nicer, I have spent more time in the basement recently than ever before! We are so happy with everything and can't say enough about Frank's and all the wonderful people who work there.
Mike & Vita K. of Tonawanda, NY
Tuesday, December 20th
Dear Mr. Dimaria, As you can imagine, cutting into the foundation of one's property can be a stressful experience since there is a lot at stake! This is not a job you can entrust to "just anyone." This reason is why I am writing to inform you of the AMAZING job your team did under the leadership of Rolando and Eric while installing an Egress Window at our home. I observed them work with the utmost professionalism for three consecutive days. They were consistently hard working. Despite heavy rain and tornado watches earlier this week, they dug out the hole in the ground, with minimal mess considering the mud involved! Inside, my house remained spotless at all times. Their mindfulness was extremely appreciated. They were informative and experienced. They discussed all steps of the process with me and answered our list of questions with a high degree of expertise. They spoke in simple terms that were easy to understand for someone not in the construction business, such as myself. I knew exactly what to expect which alleviated a lot of stress. They were humble. But, you should know that having completed the job timely every day, with great care as if it was being installed in their OWN homes, their attention to details did not go un-noticed. It was obvious they take great pride in their quality work (as they should). They really pleased us with their effort ant the outcome! They definitely went above and beyond. They added personal touches that were meaningful too. For example, we have a puppy who is very curious and social who kept demanding their attention. The workers never led me to believe they were inconvenienced at all, and treated our dog with such respect that I think the dog is going to miss them after 3 days together! Another example occurred while I was preparing a meal in the kitchen one day and cutting up onions made my eyes extremely teary to the point that when the team came in, they even checked in with me to see if things were going alright (embarrassing for me, but so respectful of them)! Needless to say, while I have high standards, I was still blown away at how this project was executed from start to finish. Please know that I will not keep these opinions to myself. I plan to share this excellent work with all of our local friends and colleagues. Thank you for sending Rolando and Eric to our home. Sincerely, Sarah F.
Sarah F. of Grand Island, NY
Wednesday, May 3rd
I recently had Franks Basement & Waterproofing do some work in my basement. The work was very involved including digging out the perimeter to install stone and drainage conduit, repairing cracks & cleaning the walls, installing Bright Wall and all its components, a new sump pump, Sani Dry system and a bubbler per city requirements. Then putting it all back together.  The crew I had was lead by Larry and Anthony and every person on their crew was fantastic. They were patient,  polite and accommodating, answering any / every question I had. They asked questions when needed and kept me in the loop during each step of the process. The first day they realized that the concrete floor was double thick which meant more work for them. They never stopped. They jackhammered and cut through at a non-stop pace to keep the job moving.  I was given a “walk around “ several times during the project at the end of the day to show me their progress and make sure everything was going as I expected. The crew removed a window in the basement per agreement which provided them with another route to remove / “hand in” the stone and some materials instead of going through the house so much. I hope it helped them as much as I appreciated it. Every night they made sure the window was boarded  and coned for safety. Ray also stopped by a couple times during the job to check in which was also appreciated. Granted, the job took some extra time due to the floor issue and the city requiring them to do the bubbler at that time instead of waiting, but that was ok with me. They never complained and continued to work hard to get the job done.  I also had a new wash tub installed which meant plumbers coming in when the crew finished. I can only say THANK YOU to that crew (Jeremy, Nick (I believe) because they came back after hanging a door to do this job for me so I wouldn’t have to wait. The original plumber was out sick that day, so they stayed, installed and hooked everything back up for me. They are Jeremy, Nick (I believe), Chuck and Andy (I believe). My family has been helping me clean up and put things back to “normal” since the job has completed and they are as amazed as I am. My basement looks 1000% better and it’s thanks to your crews at Franks. I have already told others about you and your work and will continue to do so. Every person I talk to at Franks is helpful, courteous and very friendly. Thank you again!!!
Jeanette C. of North Tonawanda, NY
Tuesday, January 10th
Russell was amazing! The most honest and genuine guy I've met since moving to America. 
Shazia T. of Hilton, NY
Monday, June 13th
You did an awesome job. Very friendly, professional and clean. Thanks!
Marion H. of Amherst, NY
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