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Woodworking Assists in Restoring 1800s Home in Laurens, SC

David and Laurie M. bought their home in Laurens, SC because of its age. The home was built in the 1800s and they loved the idea of restoring it to its former glory. Getting started they did some painting and replacing wood on the inside. David knew there was the possibility that wood or other repairs would have to be done to the crawl space. Laurie had heard from her mother that Cantey Foundation Specialists did free no obligation inspections. They decided to call in and set an appointment. System Design Specialist Katherine Dillon arrived for the appointment and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space. Katherine found that there were several areas of wood that needed be replaced around the crawl space. She assured David and Laurie that Cantey could definitely replace their wood with no problems. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, Production Team Member Mariano Valdovines, and Production Team Member Nick Riddick came out and successfully replaced the damaged areas of wood. David and Laurie are now moving forward with different renovations and are thankful for the help Cantey provided on their journey to restoring this beautiful home.

Wood Replacement Teaches West Columbia, SC Homeowner About Crawl Space Conditions

Jerry B. has owned his home in West Columbia, SC for a few years now. He loves his quaint home on its quiet street that makes for his perfect home. Jerry has done several repairs to the home but never thought about the condition of his crawl space. He had a routine check for termites which determined that there were no termites but extensive termite damage to the beams under his home. He called his brother to see what he could do and he recommended Cantey Foundation Specialists. Jerry called Cantey and set up an appointment with System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford. Jamie came out for the scheduled inspection to find that there were quite a few beams that needed to be replaced. Jamie assured Jerry that Cantey often does wood replacement in crawl spaces and could have the damaged areas fixed like new. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Matthew Kelley came out and successfully replaced all the damaged wood. Jerry has a better understanding of his crawl space health and is now doing regular checks to make sure it is in great condition.

Woodworking Gives Peace of Mind to Couple in Lexington, SC

David T. has owned his home in Lexington, SC for quite some time. He and his wife moved in soon after they were married. They believe this home would make the perfect place to raise a family. This home is now filled with memories and David knows he could never move anywhere else. He takes great care of his home because of how much it means to him. He checks the crawl space yearly for any damage that may have occurred. Recently, he did his usual check but this time he found that some of the beams under his home had become damaged somehow. David remembered seeing an advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists on the news and looked up the number to call. When he called in and explained the issues he was having, a representative scheduled him for a free inspection with System Design Specialist, Richard Early. Richard came out and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space. Afterward, Richard sat down with David to show him how Cantey could replace these beams and an exact plan of how to get the job done right. David trusted Cantey and Richard with his beloved home. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Brooks Walker, and Production Team Member Zenen Dominguez came out and successfully replaced the rotting wood. David and his wife no longer have to worry about the structure of their forever home and have recommended Cantey to all their family and friends. 

Wet Crawl Space Repaired with Dehumidifier in Lexington SC

CleanSpace Gives Peace of Mind to Liberty, SC Couple

Johnathon and Hannah F. have owned their Liberty, SC home for a few years now. Both of them are happy with their home and where they live. They really like the community around them and plan to stay in Liberty for quite some time. Hannah was concerned when Johnathon started having trouble with his allergies. She thought maybe it was just their move to a different area that was causing problems but after she made him go see a doctor a new concern began for them. The doctor said that mold and moisture can have a great impact on someone's allergies. Johnathon was determined to find a solution because he wanted to feel healthier in his own home. While driving home from work one day he heard an advertisement for Cantey Foundation Specialists. They both decided they needed to give Cantey a call. They were set up with an appointment with System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta. After inspecting the crawl space Jerod determined that Johnathon and Hannah were right to worry. Their crawl space was riddled with moisture that was causing mold growth. Jerod explained that there was a lasting solution that would keep moisture away from their crawl space and eliminate mold growth. Cantey's patented CleanSpace system was the right one for Johnathon and Hannah. The CleanSpace would essentially wrap their crawl space in a durable material that would create a barrier. This would be strengthened by spray foam adhesive sealing the CleanSpace material to the crawl space. Production Team Leader Matt Garcia and Production Team Member David Herbert came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Johnathon and Hannah are now healthier and happier in their home. They credit Cantey for giving them a lasting solution and peace of mind.

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