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Testimonials for Rainy Day Basement Systems

"It has been the best home improvement I have made on my house since I bought it. I used to be totally afraid, every time it would rain, my basement would flood, and since the put the basement system in, I not only not worry anymore, but I actually enjoy the sound of the rain whole house smells better, everything is dry, everything works in order, and the customer service has been just absolutely unmatched. Anytime I have a question or concern, they are super quick to get back to me, super quick to take care of me, can't recommend them enough."
Alex S. of Sedro-Woolley, WA
Thursday, June 23rd
The crawl space in Tim's Everett home was full of moisture, fallen insulation, and a tattered vapor barrier. To turn Tim's crawl space into a clean and healthy environment, we installed drainage trenching, a SmartSump pump pump, encapsulated the space in CleanSpace and added a dehumidifier to give Tim the ultimate control over the humidity levels of his crawl space.
Tim D. of Everett, WA
Monday, February 19th
I have been completely impressed with how everyone at Rainy Day has communicated with us about everything they planned to do. From the first sales call until the final day of work. Everyone went out of there way to make sure we knew what to expect next. The operations manager came out at the beginning of the project, and a job this big is definitely a project and went over the work one more time and gave us a rough schedule on when they expected to get the work done. He also kept us updated on the crews schedule on a daily basis because they were facing some unexpected weather challenges due to snow in the area. We had a couple of crews involved in the project and the foremen of each crew made sure we knew just what they were going to be doing that day when they arrived and then what they had accomplished just before they left in the evening. The only thing I would like to see is to have the operations manager come by one last time after the work was completed and inspect the final installation. I recently had a new roof put on by a small roofing company in the area and after the job was completed the owner of the company came out and inspected the work and found a few (very few) items he thought needed correction and had someone come out and fix them. I really appreciated that extra care since I am far from an expert on roofing. The same applies here with the crawlspace and the Rainy Day material. I'm far from being an expert on this part of our home so one last look at the work by someone who is would be awesome. Bottom line is I think the system should be very helpful in controlling both moisture in the crawlspace and therefore the house and in controlling rodents that are a constant issue when you live in a rural area with woods and fields surrounding the house.
Sherman B. of Sultan, WA
Tuesday, March 17th
Looks great, nice clean work. Dan seemed trustworthy. Trusted our referral also. Happy with the job :)
Renee and Patrick M. of Arlington, WA
Thursday, October 6th
Testimonial Photo by Terry W. & Dennis I.
Dear Rainy Day people, We are so pleased with our crawl space insulation. It's been almost a month now and we have noticed a difference. It's a subtle thing, but the house seems to hold the heat better and the air inside seems cleaner. We expect the improvement to be even more noticeable as the days and nights grow colder. We learned a lot from Lawrence Janesky's book, “Crawl Space Science. We haven't given much thought to the question of humidity before. Now we have been alerted, and we just bought a new hygrometer so we can see what's happening. I always thought our house was pretty dry, but so far it looks like it's hovering in the high range of ideal temperature, around 60% when it's around 80% outside. We'll watch and see what happens this winter and next spring. It's nice to know about the SaniDry system in case we want to install one later on. In all, we had a great experience with your team. Office staff was friendly and helpful. Zachariah came out to our place to design the system and give us an estimate. He kept us informed about what could be done and why. Daniel and his crew did an excellent job in just two days. Rosalino and Juan deserve extra credit for spending a whole day in our musty, dusty crawl space cleaning everything out. Jordan joined the crew for the actual installation work the next day. Daniel oversaw everything, replaced a ladder for us, took photos, and kept us informed. By the end of the second day, the installation was complete, the whole area was cleaned up, and the house and yard looked just as it did before. We are very impressed with your team. good work! Many thanks to everyone on the Rainy Day team. Yours sincerely, Terry W. & Dennis I.
Terry W. & Dennis I. of Arlington, WA
Thursday, October 12th
I'm in Alger, and a gentleman named Zach came here today. I am so grateful for all the information that you sent ahead of time. I studied it the best I could, and Zach was so patient, so magnificent, so incredibly informative, and showed me all kinds of stuff on his computer screen. It'll probably take me like years to do the best that I can do with everything that needs to be done, but I have never had a workman come out here that was so gracious, understanding, and completely taken in by what needs to be done and forwarding that information to a gal that only picks up fabric colors and materials and stuff like that. Totally out of my element with this stuff, but he made it simple so that I can make a really good decision. Thank you so much for sending him to me. Thank you for everything that you guys do. You're really part of the solution.
Denise Z. of Sedro-Woolley, WA
Thursday, July 13th
VERY satisfied. Thank you! Professional, courteous and friendly; a top-notch crew. All experiences were pleasant.
Cindy and Bob S. of Lake Stevens, WA
Tuesday, July 21st
We were very pleased with the crew. Jerry had a “teacher’s heart” as he explained everything to me. He was very knowledgeable. Also, I was thrilled that they went above and beyond what was contracted in helping me design and dig the outlet trench. Dan you run a fantastic operation! Thanks!!!  
Jeff and Elizabeth T. of Snohomish, WA
Tuesday, July 7th
Testimonial Photo by Bennie R.
I want to applaud your company, especially the management, because the attitude of the men have to have been passed down to them.  From Jess, to Ryan, to Kevin, Daniel, Zach, I get the feeling that they do want to do the best for their customers. These people are an asset to any company. Daniel and Zach made me feel that I chose the right company.  Thank you, Bennie R.  
Bennie R. of Snohomish, WA
Tuesday, January 19th
WOW!!! Robert and Johnny were an EXCEPTIONAL crew! They know their job, didn't waste any time, were friendly, and completed the job in a very timely fashion. Respectful of property, cleaned up well. Would rate 10 if allowed. A true WOW experience. They went above and beyond making sure everything was cleaned and that I was satisfied with what they had done. My highest compliments to them, and to whomever trained Robert and Johnny. Excellent assistance from all we spoke with in office. Jean-Paul was exceptional. He obviously knows his job, was not afraid to answer questions and had excellent recommendations. 
Linda & Jim R. of Woodinville, WA
Tuesday, February 14th
Crawl space looks great and smells good too! Kevin is such a hard worker. He worked by himself for several days.
Sandy D. of Mill Creek, WA
Thursday, November 6th
Testimonial Photo by Frank C.
I felt the need to comment more than a basic questionnaire. (Besides, my penmanship really sucks.) I would have to say this experience was exceptional. From making the initial appointment with Niki Sibon, I was really impressed with the professionalism and the willingness to start the process. The brochure exhibited the quality of the products and what the possibilities were. (It was a bit overwhelming.) Meeting with the Design Specialist Chris Hayes, who was willing to listen to my concerns, was enlightening. Upon inspection of the crawl space, it was evident to me my concerns were alleviated but at the very minimum, getting the crawl space cleaned up and a new vapor barrier applied furthered my "peace of mind." On the day of the project (Jan 25), I was really impressed with the crew – Foreman David Nush and associates Derick and Joshua. They were cordial and professional. It was obvious they came ready to work, taking care to ensure the floor and surround furniture to the crawl space access was protected with heavy-duty paper and plastic sheeting. There was no wasted time or effort. To me, the project might take some time, but they had the crawl space cleaned out, the new vapor barrier laid out, and the areas cleaned up in about 90 minutes. I will wholeheartedly recommend your company and quality of work to anyone who might inquire. In all honesty, I didn't know what to expect, but the entire process was seamless, transparent, and although a bit spendy, quality work that is complete and fast is worth the "peace of mind" it brings. Please thank everyone involved with the project; they were all excellent. Regards, Frank C. Bothell, WA
Frank C. of Bothell, WA
Wednesday, January 31st
Extremely satisfied! When I called, my questions were courteously and quickly answered. Ed did not pressure me, answered all my questions and printed out the estimate the day we met. They (Tony, Vladimir, Donny and Tyler) worked with a smile on their face and so hard.
Sally D. of Mt. Vernon, WA
Tuesday, December 22nd
The best crew ever! Wyatt & Tyler were great. They worked hard & always kept me informed. Both were very personable. Office was very polite & friendly. Ed was very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining the options. You worked on my neighbor's crawl space & you did a great job.
Janice M. of Mount Vernon, WA
Thursday, December 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Barbara & Jan E.
We greatly appreciated that you were able to move up out install date. When we called, flooding was everywhere and other companies weren't answering their phones, but you did, and set up a consult for us. Zach was friendly, courteous, well-spoken, explained things well, enthusiastic, neat, and professional appearance - ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!   Daniel was very courteous and respectful, and let us know exactly when the crew would arrive and what they'd do. When we had an unexpected snow, he called to let us know the crew would be here. The cleanup was excellent! Spotless!   We couldn't find any other company to call us back due to widespread flooding, then, coincidentally, my husband had his annual medical checkup, and it turns out you'd done work for our doctor, and he said you were excellent! 
Barbara & Jan E. of Lynnwood, WA
Tuesday, March 15th
Total testimonials : 389
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