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La Crosse WI waterproofing

When she started to notice that the carpet was wet in her La Crosse, WI basement, this customer decided to give us a call.  Upon inspection, it was found that there was not only water coming in from around the perimeter but also through the window. 

We installed WaterGuard around part of the basement along with a SuperSump pumping system and a WellDuct to drain the window well.  Now she has a fresh, dry start and can go back to enjoying her basement area.

Buried Discharge Line

At this home, we installed a new sump pump and buried the discharge.  There is no need to worry about breaking the discharge pipe or having to move it every time they mow because it is underground.  The small grate at the end will allow for the water to flow out away from the home.

Egress window installation

At this home in Stanely, WI, we installed 2 egress windows.  Adding an egress window to your basement not only lets in more natural light but also is an emergency exit if you should need it.

EverLast Windows Installed in Augusta, Wisconsin

It can be easy to forget about your basement when you aren't down there all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less important.   Old windows can allow not only the outside air to get in, but also water seepage. You are also more susceptible to breakage which can cause big problems especially if it isn't caught right away.

When replacing your basement windows, it is also very important to make sure that the window wells are in good condition.  If they are not, there is no better time to replace them then with the window. 

Window Well Installation in Augusta, Wisconsin

You may not see why replacing those old, rusted window wells is important so here are a few reason why you should.

1. The SunHouse is designed to keep weeds from growing in the well

2. The color and shape of the SunHouse were designed specifically to allow more natural light into your basement

3. The SunHouse along with a cover, keep wind from blowing against the window which can cause drafts in the basement. 

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