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Basement Waterterproofing Learning Center
Basement Waterterproofing Learning Center

Hydrostatic Pressure on Basement Walls

When water pressure increases, so does the potential for leaks into your basement

Drainage Breakdown from Hydrostatic Pressure

Water will always find an opening. Hydrostatic pressure can easily drive ground water into the basement through gaps and cracks in the masonry. High water pressure also causes seepage through sold concrete.

“Hydrostatic Pressure” means water pressure, and it’s a major cause of basement water problems. During wet weather, the soil outside your basement becomes saturated with water. Exterior footing drains aren’t very effective at relieving this water pressure because they become clogged with silt or plant roots. With no place to go, hydrostatic pressure continues to build.

Water weighs slightly more than 60lbs. per cubic foot. Sixty pounds per cubic foot translates to tremendous pressure on your foundation If the soil around your basement is saturated with water, there could be tens of thousands of pounds of hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. With this much pressure, even the smallest crack or gap can admit plenty of water into your basement. Just as water leaks out of a punctured bucket, water will leak into your basement when there is a crack, especially given the amount of water pressure being exerted.

Why not relieve hydrostatic pressure instead of fighting it?

Even a well-constructed basement foundation can’t provide a perfect barrier against hydrostatic pressure. Small cracks and gaps can allow a major volume of water into your basement. That’s why Basement Systems developed a waterproofing system that relieves hydrostatic pressure instead of simply obstructing it.

Our warrantied waterproofing system is based on concealed interior drains and a sump pump. With our system, water is collected along the major leakage area: where the basement floor meets the basement wall. Unlike exterior drains that can clog with silt or roots, our patented WaterGuard® interior French drains stay clear, working continuously to channel water to the sump pump. With a high-quality sump pump system, collected water is automatically ejected to the exterior.

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