Window Well

window well

A basements best friend. The light-colored curved bottom of the SunHouse window enclosure, enhances the sunlight entering the basement.

If your window wells are rusty, ugly, or open at the top, they can be dramatically improved. Window wells without covers let in leaves and debris, and rain and gutter overflow water gets in.

The dirt bottom allows weeds to grow and mud to splash up onto your windows. All this makes for a pretty lousy view from inside the basement - the space you want to improve.

The window well that brightens your basement

The light-colored SunHouse window well, features a sturdy, clear cover that fits nicely and a bottom that prevents weed growth as well as keeps leaves, debris, and rain out.

One of the SunHouse's best benefits is that with the clean, light-colored bottom a lot more sunlight bounces into your basement and brightens up a space where we can use all the light we can get.

SunHouse™ Product Dimensions

SunHouse Window Wells
  Height Width Projection
Shallow 16" 40" 19"
Deep 23" 40" 19"

The Shallow Well,has 3 tiers and is 16” deep. Either cover fits either well.

SunHouse Window Well Covers
  Height Width Projection
Domed 8" 40" 19"
Flat 2" 40" 19"

Dome Cover, pictured above, is 8” tall and fits snugly on both the deep or shallow well.

A bright spot in the basement? Featured on the popular TV show "I Want That," check out how we transform a dark and gloomy basement into a beautiful and brightly lit area!

HGTV I Want That

Nothing brightens up a dark and cold room like natural sun light coming through your windows. That's why the right window well can make all the difference between a dark basement and a bright and welcoming area. 

A simple installation of the SunHouse window well enclosure can help transform your dreary basement into a bright spot within the home. What makes this product different? The SunHouse window well has reflective properties that allow generous amounts of light into the basement, reflecting off the curved sides and sloped bottom of each well. 

window well cover

An unheralded approach to basement windows. Our bright, vinyl EverLast windows, combined with our curved SunHouse window wells can really brighten your basement!

Looks Great With EverLast Basement Window!

Our bright white vinyl basement window and SunHouse Basement Window Well are great together which really dresses up what used to be an eye-sore. Bright and clean.

WOW. Look at the image to the left and see how SunHouse reflects light onto the ceiling.

Ask you local dealer about the benefits of a SunHouse basement window enclosure, before you have new windows installed!

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