Downspout extensions

Protect your basement during heavy rain by channeling water away from the foundation

Even the best basement waterproofing system deserves some assistance from water-management measures outside the house. Downspout extensions perform the valuable function of directing roof runoff away from the building. In addition to protecting your foundation from water intrusion, downspout extensions can help prevent erosion that damages plants and landscaping.

Three different downspout extensions handle a wide range of drainage requirements

Slope and landscaping details often vary, even around a single house. That’s why Basement Systems provides several different downspout extensions. In developing these three products, we went beyond standard specifications for plastic thickness, UV resistance and durability. Our downspout extensions are designed to give you years of trouble-free service. Here are three extensions you can easily install to improve drainage and avoid water problems.

Downspout Extension Products

RainChute Downspout Extension

RainChute® is a recessed downspout extension designed to create a recessed channel that directs water away from the house. RainChute is compatible with 3-in. or 4-in. downspouts.

To install this extension, you simply dig a shallow trench so that the top edges of the installed extension will be flush with the ground surface. Your lawn mower will go over a RainChute extension without causing any damage.

RainChute EZ Downspout Extension

RainChute EZ® is a downspout extension that rests right on the ground. It’s useful when there is a mulched garden bed (instead of grass) next to your foundation.

It works equally well with 3-in. or 4-in. downspouts and takes downspout water 3 to 8 feet away from the foundation.

LawnScape Outlet

LawnScape Outlet® is designed to mount on the “daylight” end of an underground downspout extension made from commonly available 3-in.-dia. PVC drain pipe. Use a transition elbow fitting to connect the drain pipe to the downspout, bury the drain pipe in a sloped trench, and install the LawnScape Outlet where the drain meets daylight.

This innovative fitting has a lid that can be removed easily if the drain needs to be cleared. In addition to providing an attractive and permanent downspount exstension, the LawnScape Outlet can be used as a sump pump discharge line.

Protect your basement, your lawn and your landscaping. Downspout extensions from Basement Systems put roof runoff where you want it to go.

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