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WaterGuard basement waterproofing system

WaterGuard installed

WaterGuard is a drainage channel engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without worry of clogging from soil beneath the basement floor. It has large holes in the back to accept water and a flange with special segments to drain water from a basement wall leak.

Practical Design - The patented WaterGuard interior basement waterproofing system is designed to sit on top of the footing and out of the soil under your basement floor, so it will never clog. The WaterGuard system also has a special wall flange that creates a clean-looking space between the floor and the wall to drain any wall seepage that may occur, without allowing dirt and debris from the floor to enter. The WaterGuard system is applicable to all types of foundations including block, poured concrete, and stone. Weep holes are drilled into block walls to drain water out of the walls into the system. Water enters the WaterGuard system via holes on the wall side and flows into the WaterGuard conduit to a TripleSafe or SuperSump sump pump system or other drain, or to the soil and stone underneath the floor.

Illustration of how the WaterGuard System works:

WaterGuard Interior Drainage Channel

WaterGuard drainage systemThe WaterGuard Sub Floor Drainage System intercepts water at the perimeter of your basement and drains it to a basement sump pump located in the lowest spot of your basement floor. The system will keep your basement floor dry so you can use the space for storage, recreational purposes, or to finish for additional living space.

The WaterGuard system has been designed as an improvement over old-fashioned systems. To find out more about WaterGuard and for a free estimate, contact a local Basement Systems, Inc. waterproofing dealer online, or call 1-800-875-7551.

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