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Got a wet basement? Musty odors? Protect your home with our proven solutions & lifetime warranty.

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3 Pros Basement Systems

We Provide Basement Waterproofing in Salem, NH

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  • Basement Waterpoofing & Air Sealing
    Basement Waterpoofing & Air Sealing
  • Basement Drainage Solutions
    Basement Drainage Solutions
  • Basement Sump Pump Replacement
    Basement Sump Pump Replacement

We specialize in foundation waterproofing using quality Basement Systems products. We will design a customized system to keep your basement dry. As your local Basement Systems contractor, we can help you choose the best basement waterproofing options for your home.

For a FREE no-obligation basement waterproofing cost estimate in Salem, NH, please fill out the form and your local Basement Systems company will contact you shortly.

Basement Waterproofing & Repair Services offered in Salem:

  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Interior Drainage System Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation & Replacement
  • Basement Dehumidifier Installation
  • Basement Leak Repair

Basement Sump Pump Systems

If you get water in your basement every time it rains or you have an old sump pump that can’t keep up, a new basement sump pump can help keep your basement dry. Basement Systems has tested many pumps over the years and we use Zoeller pumps because we know they work.

Sump Pump Features:

  • Durable cast-iron pumps
  • Quiet operation
  • Battery-powered backup option for operation during power outages
  • Patented WaterWatch Alarm alerts of high water level

Basement Dehumidification

Moisture in the basement leads to mold growth that can damage your home, make you and your family sick, and make your basement and whole house smell musty. The solution is to remove moisture from the air. The SaniDry Sedona basement dehumidifier and air system from Basement Systems wrings the moisture from basement air and makes the damp feeling and musty smell go away!

SaniDry Sedona Features:

  • World’s most efficient dehumidifier without a bulky heat exchange
  • Automatic drainage - no buckets of water to empty
  • Automatic controls maintain ideal humidity level

Why More Salem Homeowners Choose Us:

  • Custom-Designed Dry Basement Solutions
  • Exclusive Patented Products
  • Proven Effective for Over 25 Years
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty on Drainage Systems
  • Financing Options May Be Available - Ask Your Local Dealer

Your local basement waterproofing company in Salem, NH

Northeast Basement Systems
157 Batchelder Road, Seabrook, NH 03874
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
In business since 1997

Northeast Basement Systems proudly services greater Boston, Manchester, Portsmouth, Concord, and southern New Hampshire.

Northeast Basement Systems offers a full service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Maintenance Department that is on call to support you from the day they complete your crawl space or basement waterproofing installation. Basement Systems' WaterGuard basement drainage system, along with Basement Systems' other patented products, can transform your wet, musty, moldy or damp cellar into healthy, clean, usable living space!

Basement waterproofing products include:

  • Sump Pumps
  • Rigid Wall Panels
  • Self-Draining Dehumidifiers
  • Egress Windows
  • Wall Crack Repair
  • Sub Floor Matting
  • Free estimates and more!

Northeast Basement Systems is a proud member of the "National Association of Waterproofers and Structural Engineers". They pride themselves on their commitment and dedication to their customers and insist on quality work at a fair price. For more information about our company and services we offer, visit our site today.

If you have a wet or leaky basement, contact Northeast Basement Systems to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate today.

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Recent job requests for basement waterproofing in Salem, NH:

Project Location: Providence Hill Road, Salem, 03079

Comment: I have a 10 year old house with a huge basement that always has a very musty smell.

Project Location: Remington Road, Salem, 03079

Comment: We have a verticle crack bringing in some moisture (it's not pouring in!) & we'd like to learn more about/try the Flexispan system. Thanks!

Project Location: Millville Street, Salem, 03079

Comment: My basement gets water and i would like to waterproof it

Project Location: Scotland Ave, Salem, 03079

Comment: I am remodeling my home. I expect to finish off 2/3 of my basement, likely next summer, currently storage for lots of materials. When we get heavy rain, I get some water in the basement, some through the walls, some through the bulked. I would like this stopped. There was mold problems with the previous owners. There is a working sump. I have been running a small dehumidifier and getting good results, but I suspect I may need something more robust as a permanent solution.

Project Location: Millville Street, Salem, 03079

Comment: I have a French drainage system with two pumps. However, one of the pumps is a low grade sump pump. It's more of a backup. I am looking to replace that one and potentiality the primary sump pump as it is older. I do not have a battery back up I was also looking for a quote for that if I decide to go in that direction. I am looking for a good grade cast iron sump pump. The lift is about 10ft or slightly less. I was also interested in a quote for the dehumidifier.

Project Location: Lamplighter Lane, Salem, 03079

Comment: Want to know price for 900 square feet in my basement.

Project Location: Sherwood Circle, Salem, 03079

Comment: Replace 4 cellar windows with vinyl type sliding panel

Project Location: Stone Post Road, Salem, 03079

Comment: Would like an estimate for the dehumidifier for my basement and an estimate for the crawl space one. Please include a pump system with both as an option.

Project Location: Hampstead Rd, Salem, 03079

Comment: Your company installed a basement system in my house about 8 years the time I didnt purchase the battery backup for my sump pump....How much would it be to purchase the battery backup now?

Project Location: Timothy Lane, Salem, 03079

Comment: During the past 12 years We never had water problem in our basement. In last couple of days we saw 2+ inches of water in the whole basement. Need to figure out the cause and solution. Please call. Thanks.

Project Location: Millville Circle, Salem, 03079

Comment: Old sump pump in basement needs to be upgraded.

Project Location: Bus Rd, Salem, 03079

Comment: Looking for flooring in 12x14 ft bedroom in basement

Project Location: Primrose Lane, Salem, 03079

Comment: My basement constantly floods and I am in dire need of an estimation for renovating my basement and waterproofing it as well! Please and thank you!

Project Location: Marianna Road, Salem, 03079

Comment: Water seeping between floor and wall joint.

Project Location: Ivan Gile Road, Salem, 03079

Comment: The opening in my basement to go out of my bulkhead started leaking recently. The leak is not from the bulkhead itself but at the base of the wall near the floor. This area had never previously leaked but if we get a heavy rain i'll get maybe a pint of water right in front of the basement door.

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