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Before & After Photos

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EverLast Window and SunHouse Window Well

We replaced this old window and well with an EverLast Window and a SunHouse Window Well.  The new window is much clearer and allows more light into the basement.  The SunHouse Window Well not only looks better, but also lets more light into the basement due to the specially shaped sides, color and sloped bottom. 

BrightWall installation in Walworth, WI

One of the great products that we have is the BrightWall Panel System.  BrightWall is a semi-rigid, waterproof panel that is fastened to the wall.  They add a semi-finished look while brightening up the basement.  The panels are easy to clean and with the special fasteners that we use, the panels are secure to the wall.  Pairing these panels with a waterproofing system means that you won’t have to worry about moisture or water coming in through new areas of the wall.  The panels are tucked right into the WaterGuard System so it will manage any issue that may arise behind the panels.   

Discharge line

This is showing the discharge line coming out of the house and buried to a bubble pot.  This takes the water being pumped out of the basement away from the house.  The white item that you see near the house is an IceGuard and that is used if the discharge line becomes frozen.  That will assure that the water doesn't back up into the basement. 

Waterproofing a storage area in Jefferson WI

This home in Jefferson, WI had the perfect storage space under the stairs.  The homeowner realized that water was coming in so they did a DIY repair.  Unfortunately that didn't last for long and water came in again.

We installed WaterGuard, BrightWall and a SuperSump to collect the water and pump it back outside.  The storage space is clean and dry and ready to hold all of its contents again.

Egress window

This growing Fort Atkinson family knew they were in need of some extra space.  We took their average basement window and turned it into a beautiful window with a lot of natural light.  However, this window isn't just for looks; it adds an extra exit in case of an emergency.  The window is easy to open, the screen removes easily for a quick exit and the built in steps in the well allow even a small child to be able to exit the residence quickly and safely. 

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