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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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Before & After Photos

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SuperSump in Asheville, NC

This crawlspace in Asheville, SC had major water issues. There had been an old pump that was placed in the basement that had long stopped working. To solve this problem our team installed a SuperSump system. This design of Sump Pump is a reliable pump with a WaterWatch alarm system and patented SuperLiner. The SuperSump can capable of pumping 2,650 gallons an hour and can also pump up to ½ of solids. The WaterWatch Alarm that is connected to the pump is there to alert you if any water has reached the top of the pump. The SuperLiner has over 96 holes that allow water to flow into the pump from under the floor. Overall this pump is one of the best that someone can have in their basement or crawlspace to keep water out!

Storage Area Under Asheville, NC Home In Need of CleanSpace Encapsulation

Crawlspaces are a common place for homeowners to store a number of things. It is a huge part of a home that is usually unusable space, especially when there is water intrusion or high humidity levels in the crawlspace. This homeowner however, was still using this space as storage for some of his things that aren't as likely to be damaged by water intrusion. However, they wanted a space where they could store anything without having to worry.

Before our crew came out and installed the CleanSpace in this area the homeowner had a lot of different things stored here. People often think that crawlspaces are supposed to look like this one, with a damp floor (this can be seen on the right hand side of the photo), and the efflorescence along the back wall and the cinderblock wall. While this area wasn't flooding, enough water was coming in to damage some of the items in the area.

The main product that was installed was CleanSpace Liner, which helps to keep the water and water vapor from getting into the crawlspace. This is the most important part because if no water can get into the crawlspace, then there isn't much chance for mold to grow or things to be damaged. A dehumidifier was also installed in order to ensure that the humidity level of the crawlspace would stay low enough that mold cannot grow. 

Asheville, NC Homeowner Welcomes CleanSpace

This customer in Asheville, North Carolina—like many others before her—has a dirt crawlspace. And—like many before her—she has been having moisture issues in that very same crawlspace. Even with gravel covering the dirt, there is still no relief. The gravel can’t stop the water vapor from rising from the soil and into the space. Not to mention, the homeowners had cement block walls. Those blocks are extremely porous, so they allow water to pass through them whether there is a huge downpour or a small sprinkle. It’s a fact. Luckily, this homeowner decided to give us a call.

We were able to come out and install our CleanSpace liner in the moisture ridden crawlspace. It’s a real show stopper. It acts as a barrier, separating your home and the earth below it. Its 20 mils thick, reinforced with polyester cords. It’s nearly impossible to rip or tear. But, the best part is that it brightens any dreary crawlspace.

Crawlspace in Asheville, NC Has Solution for Chronic Flooding

Water issues are not something we are unfamiliar with. We at All-Dry of the Carolinas tend to handle all sorts of problems. Water Issues are the most common, but also tend to be the most troublesome, if you ignore them for long periods.

Look at the “before” photo on display here. This crawlspace has several issues as we can see. The first is that it has a dirt crawlspace. That’s the more obvious problem. The second is the water stains that paint the block walls. The homeowners reported that the reason they contacted us is because they were having flooding issues. Judging by the state of this crawlspace, the owners were not exaggerating. This Asheville, North Carolina crawlspace needed a solution and fast.

In our “after” photo, we have installed our patented solution. Our patented CleanSpace liner covers the dirt floor as well as the walls. Any water that leaks through the walls is halted by the liner. Water vapor that rises from the dirt is prevented from going any further by this liner as well.

We expect to see no more water damage in this crawlspace with the new liner in place.

CleanSpace Provides the Best Solution in Asheville, NC

All-Dry of the Carolinas has been in the waterproofing business for over twenty-five years. We’ve seen everything. Nothing surprises us anymore, especially something as common as a dirt crawlspace. So, we weren’t surprised when this Asheville, North Carolina homeowner contacted us about a flooding issue in their crawlspace. Not only did this crawlspace have a dirt floor, but it also had cement block walls. These walls are often trouble for crawlspaces in wet areas because they are extremely porous. They allow water to pass through them quite easily, which explains the flooding problem.

After we managed to get out to the property, our Design Specialist was able to recommend a CleanSpace liner, among other things. The liner would act as a moisture barrier, keeping the water from entering into the crawlspace. We covered the floor, the walls, and wrapped the piers in the space for added coverage.

It’s a great deal cleaner than it used to be with that CleanSpace.

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