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Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Encapsulation with CleanSpace in Black Mountain, NC

CleanSpace is such a great product and makes any crawlspace look brand new! This home in Black Mountain had some much-needed help to get it to a healthy and moisture-free crawlspace. This crawlspace was completely encapsulated to prevent moisture from coming in and mold growing.

The "before" picture shows a crawlspace in desperate need of repair. You can see in this picture that several things are out of place and don't provide for a healthy crawlspace. First off, You can see the hanging insulation. This is usually never a good sign, it usually means that enough moisture has gotten into the insulation and pulled it down, making it sag or fall. You can also see the exposed earth, with the old liner pulled back. A lot of moisture in crawlspaces actually come from and are caused by the ground.

The "after" photo shows the difference that CleanSpace can make in a crawlspace. Our crew came in this crawlspace and treated it like Extreme Makeover: Crawlspace Edition. After cleaning up the crawlspace by removing the remaining insulation and moving bricks/rocks, they began to install the CleanSpace Liner. As you can tell, the CleanSpace makes the crawlspace brighter and overall, more appealing. Not only does the crawlspace look better, but it is protected. This homeowner does not have to worry about moisture, water, mold, or anything having to do with his crawlspace ever again! Oh, and the cable guy will love working in a crawlspace like this!

Low Clearance Crawlspace Encapsulation in Marshall, NC

Crawlspaces are already a pretty difficult place to work in, but every once and awhile we have a home that has a crawlspace that has an extremely low clearance. This crawlspace truly lived up to its name, because there was barely enough room to crawl. However, the area still needed to be encapsulated, so our crew suited up and took on the challenge.

The crew works pretty hard on a normal job, but they definitely had some difficulties with this installation. This project actually had drain matting to be installed as well, so the crew had to first cover the area with this. After it was in place and secured, they moved on to the CleanSpace liner. Which is what you can see in the after photo. As you can tell, it completely transforms the area both physically and functionally. 

Crawlspace in Mill Spring, NC Encapsulated in CleanSpace

So many homeowners have to deal with the unfortunate, but common moisture and mold problems that come with crawlspaces. This homeowner was not exempt from this harsh reality. Upon initial inspection, our Service Design Specialist saw a lot of moisture built up under the home. This resulted in a humidity level that was definitely higher than it should have been. To help this homeowner out, our Specialist recommended our CleanSpace vapor barrier, as well as a dehumidifier to control the humidity level.

The "before" photo shows the crawlspace in the condition it was in when we first visited this home. While it is in better shape than a lot of crawl spaces, it still shows signs of moisture problems. The most noticeable thing in this photo is the condensation under the old liner that was installed in the crawlspace. Most of the "white" or lighter spots on the liner are areas where condensation has accumulated.

The "after" photo shows the same area as before, but a little zoomed in. The difference is huge. First off, the two liners look much different. The CleanSpace is much thicker and cannot be seen through. The CleanSpace Liner is white and reflects light much better. While this is more of an "after-effect", it is still a nice benefit to installing the CleanSpace. However, the biggest difference that it makes is what cannot be seen. CleanSpace is a vapor barrier, which means that the water vapor coming up from the ground is blocked and rather than getting into the crawlspace, it's trapped and drained off. We also installed a SaniDry CX dehumidifier, to help keep the humidity at a low enough level to keep mold from forming.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Chesnee, SC

This homeowner had a lot of work done when our company came out to his home. This before and after will only focus on a very small part of the entire job, however, this was a very important part of the project. It may not seem to have changed all that much between the two photos (besides that the area is covered in some white plastic), but it certainly has!

CleanSpace does much more than it seems, but it was not the only thing that was done in the crawlspace and in this photo. One thing that gets masked is that our crew sealed the vents in the crawlspace. In the before photo, the vents in the corner of the crawlspace can very obviously be seen, however, in the other photo, the area is covered. The crew actually seals the vents up and caulks them so that no air can get into the crawlspace from these vents.

Now that the sealed vents have been discussed, let's go back to the CleanSpace, which is what really makes the difference in a crawlspace. Having this thick liner keeps water vapor from penetrating it, which is good because that means the relative humidity level should go down quite significantly. One of the most important aspects of the CleanSpace's installation is that it gets sealed to the wall. This is important because if it is not sealed, then it is much less effective at keeping the water vapor out of the crawlspace. In the after picture, the CleanSpace has been sealed just a few inches below the "ceiling" of the crawlspace. Don't forget, CleanSpace also brightens up the crawlspace and makes it look much more "Clean"!

Chester, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation

This homeowner had a large amount of moisture in its crawlspace when they called us, but this was not the first time they dealt with water intrusion issues. Previous to water issues in the crawlspace, they had water intrusion in their basement, that was solved with a different company and products, however, they did not want that company to do more waterproofing work, so they called us. This was a relatively simple and quick fix, but a very important one, because of just how much moisture was getting into the crawlspace.

The "before" picture shows off the how the ground in the crawlspace is almost like mud, that's a lot of water! You can even see where mud has pushed, rubbed on the hot water heater. This crawlspace was in some pretty rough shape, but with a little bit of work and a great product, our crew made this crawlspace look like new!

The "after" picture shows the huge transformation that happened in this crawlspace. Our crew had a lot of different objects to go around in this area but did it with expertise. Sealing this crawlspace is one of the biggest parts of the job because of its importance. If it is not sealed correctly, then the moisture is still going to make its way into the "encapsulated" crawlspace.

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