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Before & After Photos

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Boiling Springs, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation

This homeowner was having problems with high humidity in their crawlspace. After hearing about the danger of high humidity and moisture in the crawlspace, the homeowner called us to see what the problem was, but more importantly what the solution was. This crawlspace was not in bad condition at all, but as the homeowner said, the relative humidity was much higher than it should have been.

The "before" photo shows the crawlspace without any work done or products installed. While there is not water running down the middle of the crawlspace or dripping from the ceiling, this crawlspace did need to have our CleanSpace Liner installed in it.

The "after" picture shows the same area but after the transformation. Our 20 mm thick CleanSpace Liner has been installed and sealed tightly onto the walls. This seal keeps moisture from getting into the crawlspace. However, it is almost impossible to install this liner without having some gaps, no matter how small. These gaps can be around water heaters (like in the picture), columns, or pipes and do let a little bit of outside air in. This is why our crew also installed a dehumidifier to help regulate the humidity level in the crawlspace.

Arden, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation & Dehumidifier Installation

This home in Arden, North Carolina had a very damp crawlspace which was in need of a CleanSpace liner, as well as a dehumidifier and sump pump. Between these three products, a crawlspace is usually pretty protected from moisture. However, because this problem wasn't addressed soon enough, we also had to clean the mold off of the floor joists and other areas using Mold-X.

The "before" photo shows the crawlspace's condition when our System Design Specialist first arrived at the home. As you can see, there is insulation falling down and already on the ground. The unprotected and uncovered ground lets a lot of moisture enter the crawlspace. This was one of the biggest problems for this homeowner.

The "after" photo gives a great view of the same area, which just happens to be where several of the products that we installed were located. First off, you have the CleanSpace liner. This liner provides great protection and a seal to keep the crawlspace separate from the open ground. We also have the SantaFe Edge II Dehumidifier, which is another quality product we provide. The dehumidifier essentially filters the air for any moisture and keeps the relative humidity low enough that mold cannot grow. The final product in this picture, that you can't see very well is the sump pump. The sump pump takes any water that collects under the CleanSpace liner or from the dehumidifier and pumps it outside the home.

Arden, NC Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

This home in Arden, North Carolina had been badly damaged by moisture in the crawlspace. They had an old crawlspace liner that was not able to give them very much protection from moisture and mold. The moisture started to soak into the insulation in the crawlspace, as the insulation got heavier and heavier, it began to sag and eventually fall down. When the homeowner noticed this happening and saw the condensation (mainly under the old liner), they decided to give us a call. We were able to help this homeowner out tremendously by encapsulating their crawlspace.

The "before" picture shows the condition of the crawlspace before any work was done. As you can see, a lot of the insulation is sagging or has already fallen. This is a common sign of water intrusion and moisture problems under a home.

The "after" photo shows off our crew's amazing installation job. As you can see, all of the insulation was taken out of the crawlspace. This is because of how much moisture was in the insulation. If it would have been left, mold would have easily grown in the crawlspace. The old liner was removed from the ground and replaced with drainage matting and the CleanSpace liner. Our crew also scrubbed down the floor joists with MoldX, which destroys any mold and prevents future mold growth.

CleanSpace in Arden, NC

Here at All-Dry of the Carolinas, we cannot speak enough about how great of a product CleanSpace is! It’s durable, reliable, and very convenient. Crawl spaces of all shapes and sizes are able to be fitted with CleanSpace to encapsulate the space. No matter what type of issues that you are having in the crawl space, if it involves moisture, us at All-Dry of the Carolinas are able to handle it.

            In most crawl space situations, moisture invades the air from the ground. Crawl spaces are usually victim of dampness and ground water due to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is when ground water is forced down by gravity until it is stopped by some type of force, which in these cases is a basement or crawl space wall. The water is then forced against this object until it forces its way through or around. When water begins coming into your home from underground, it is typically a result of this pressure.

            It is almost impossible to completely stop this amount of water intrusion, but there are ways to prepare for it so it doesn’t affect your home. This home in Arden, NC was experiencing ground moisture due to hydrostatic pressure. The homeowners called us at All-Dry of the Carolinas to help them with their problem so we send out our design specialist, David Listovitch, to give the space a look.

            David noticed large amount of moisture in the crawl space that was affecting the home. To stop this issue, David recommended CleanSpace to keep the moisture from getting into the air. This is where the magic of CleanSpace comes in handy. This crawl space was oddly shaped, yet CleanSpace was able to wrap around all the walls, floors, and piers.

            In the pictures you can see how this product is very convenient in waterproofing crawl spaces and preventing ground moisture from damaging the house. Along with CleanSpace, this crawl space was equipped with a SmartSump pump and dehumidifier to protect the home from high moisture levels.

Home in Campobello, SC Enccapsulated

When it comes to your crawlspace, protecting it from moister is very important. In this Campobello, SC home the crawlspace was taking on large amounts of moister. Not only was moister the problem, but the crawlspace was littered with debris, trash, and an old liner.  To solve this problem, our All-Dry of the Carolinas team encapsulated the entire crawlspace.

                Our All-Dry crew was able to install a series of our waterproofing technology that would take care of the water issue in the crawlspace. Our crew installed a CleanSpace liner, sump pump, and dehumidifier. When encapsulating the crawlspace with CleanSpace, it seals the area to keep moisture from creeping up from the ground and causing damage to your foundation.   A dehumidifier was placed in the crawlspace as a solution to the humidity that is produced from the pipes under your house. A SumpPump is to flush out entering water and excess water from the dehumidifer from the crawlspace. Together with all these tools, the crawlspace is completely protected from moisture.

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