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Before & After Photos

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Humidity problem solved in Woodfin basement and crawl space

This home in Woodfin, NC was getting large volumes of water into the basement and crawl space. To solve this problem they went with a variety of waterproofing products that work together to keep the space dry. CleanSpace was added to the crawl space section of the home to keep ground moisture from entering the air. CleanSpace was also added to the walls on the basement side that would lead water into the WaterGuard that was placed around the perimeter of the room. A SuperSump was added to under the home to flush water from the space.

In the before pictures you can see the basement and crawl space that are dirty and uncared for. Once our All-Dry team was able to get to work, you can see that CleanSpace was added to the crawl space section and WaterGuard added to the basement.

Cleanspace Liner Installation in Wet Crawlspace in Asheville, NC

This home needed some work done in its crawlspace after the homeowner's found standing water and damp ground around the crawlspace. There were several products we used in this project, the main one being our CleanSpace Liner. This products helps to keep your crawlspace separated from the outside world, and especially the earth underneath your home, which is a huge contributor to moisture under the home.

The "before" photo shows part of the basement before the CleanSpace liner had been installed. You can see how the previous crawlspace liner does not even cover all of the ground. In the patch of exposed dirt, you can see damp earth, which is never a good sign.

This "after" photo shows the same area (although from a different angle) after the CleanSpace had been installed. As you can see, our liner goes at least partially up the wall, depending on what our Specialists recommend and what the homeowner decides. This customer decided to take it all the way up the crawlspace wall. Any seams are sealed tight and correctly, leaving no gaps for water or water vapor to get in, or out.

CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation in Tryon, NC

One of the most obvious signs of water intrusion or moisture problems in a crawlspace (besides standing water) is when the insulation under the home is falling down. This was the case for this homeowner. The first photo shows just how much insulation was falling and what had already fallen. The reason that this happens is that insulation easily soaks up water and becomes heavy, pulling the insulation down. 

When our Systems Design Specialist went to this home, he knew right away that this homeowner was going to need a CleanSpace Encapsulation. This is the most effective and efficient way to keep water and moisture out of a crawlspace. The homeowner did his own research, and read through some of our informational material, and ended up agreeing with our Specialist, agreeing to get the work done.

The final product was a very clear improvement on the "old crawlspace". The crawlspace with the CleanSpace is much brighter, cleaner, and keeps a lot more moisture out than the crawlspace liner they had covering the ground before! As you can see, the CleanSpace goes almost all of the way up the wall. This is to catch as much moisture as possible, we only leave a small gap at the top so that other contractors who may need to access these areas have the access needed.

See Our CleanSpace Beat Out the Competition in Camden, SC

Many homes have dirt floors in their crawlspaces. Not all homeowners, however, know the problems associated with dirt crawlspace floors. Some do find out later on down the line and try to remedy this issue with a plastic liner. However, many homeowners are not aware that not all plastic liners are created equally. This is exactly what this Camden, South Carolina homeowner discovered after they continued to have problems after the initial install.

The ‘before’ photo gives us a pretty good overview of the crawlspace before we came out to it. Now take a look at ‘after’ photo. See the difference?

The distance between the two liners’ efficiency is pretty vast. The posts aren’t covered. The liner isn’t pulled tight across the space and, for whatever reason; it’s so thin it almost looks translucent. This is not the appropriate liner for a dirt crawlspace.

Now, come back to All-Dry of the Carolinas liner in the ‘after’ photo. We take our CleanSpace liner up, at the very least, three inches on all surfaces within the crawlspace. If it isn’t suspended and it’s touching the ground, we cover it with CleanSpace to complete the sealing of the space. Otherwise, water vapor and other gases will slip right on through those openings. It’s an eerie look, that’s for sure, but it’s the most effective solution next to getting the space covered with cement. All in all, it looks pretty good.

DIY Encapsulation Fails Fletcher, NC Homeowner, Crawlspace Receives CleanSpace Encapsulation

Many people will lay down some type of plastic in their crawlspace to help keep the humidity level down. However, this usually just means that a thin sheet is laid out throughout the crawlspace and that is the end of the story. This misses one of the most important parts of encapsulation, sealing the liner. Sealing the liner is one of the most important parts because it prevents any water vapor from getting into the crawlspace.

Although this sounds like a simple task, it isn't as easy as it sounds. As you can see this homeowner tried to tape these sheets together and then to the top of the wall. This is similar to our process, but because of the quality and lack of experience this homeowner had with waterproofing, this "do-it-yourself" option did not work out nearly as well. As you can see, the corner of the plastic has fallen down.

Our installers are well-versed and have extensive training in the installation of all of our systems. Many of our employees have been working with us for several years, with a few of them having around 15 years of experience here! Needless to say, our crews know exactly how to install all of our products. Not only do we have several methods of securing and sealing the liner, but the crews also try to follow every curve of the area so that the liner won't be pulled away from the wall.

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