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CleanSpace Cleans Up Crawl Space for Family in Greenville, SC

Mike N. and his family have lived in their Greenville, SC house for about 10 years now. It has become home to them and they cannot see themselves moving anywhere else. They had not had many repairs done to the home because it was built well and they took care of it. This was until they started to notice mold growing on the vents. Mike found this strange and asked one of his friends what could be causing this. He was told that he probably had moisture problems in his crawl space. Mike had never checked on the crawl space and had no idea what condition it was in. He did an internet search for local foundation companies to see who could do an inspection. Cantey Foundation Specialists was the first link and they did free inspections. Mike immediately called and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist, Dallas Rabideaux. Dallas arrived as scheduled and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space. He confirmed Mike's suspicion that there was a moisture problem, finding high moisture levels. Dallas sat down with Mike and they discussed how Cantey's CleanSpace system would solve this issue. It would start with drainage matting being installed on the floor to help excess water flow out of the crawl space. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material would be sized and secured on the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space. To ensure a complete barrier, the liner is then sealed with a spray foam adhesive. This system would dry out the crawl space to protect Mike's home as well as his family's health. Mike asked a lot of questions and learned more about his crawl space than he ever knew. He was sure that the CleanSpace system was what he needed for his home and family. Production Team Leader, Israel Santana, Production Team Member, Zenen Dominguez, and Production Team Member, Austin Boan came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Mike and his family no longer have to worry about moisture causing them issues and Mike has recommended Cantey to all his friends.

CleanSpace Redefines the Customer Experience in Greenville, SC

Russell S. has owned his home in Greenville, SC for almost 20 years. He and his wife purchased the house after they got married and have since raised a family. Now that their children have moved out, Russell and his wife have been working on making the home their own. Russell now has office space and his wife has room for her embroidering business. Doing renovations has proven to be a more difficult process than Russell originally anticipated. The contractors are never on time and never complete the job when they say they will. So when Russell noticed a moldy smell coming from the vents he worried he would have to work with yet another difficult contractor. He asked a neighbor for advice and was told how wonderful Cantey Foundation Specialists are. Russell got the number and called into Cantey to make an appointment. System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta was on time for the scheduled appointment and got right to work. After surveying the crawl space and taking some readings, he sat down with Russell. Jerod explained to Russell that the moldy smell was from mold growth that had begun because of the high moisture content in the crawl space. The CleanSpace system was the solution that Jerod suggested for Russell to rid his crawl space of the moisture that was causing issues. The installation would start with drainage matting being placed on the floor of the crawl space to assist all the moisture to flow to the SmartSump. The SmartSump would pump all the excess moisture outside to keep the area underneath the CleanSpace material dry. The CleanSpace material would be installed over the drainage matting, piers, and walls of the crawl space. Then a spray foam adhesive is installed along the edges of the material to secure the bond between the CleanSpace and crawl space. Russell really believed in this solution after getting this information and scheduled an installation date. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Austin Boan, and Production Team Member Zenen Dominguez came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Russell is beyond impressed with Cantey, System Design Specialist Jerod, and the Production crew. He never imagined he could have such a great experience with a contractor.

CleanSpace Cleans Up Moldy Crawl Space in Greenville, SC

Jan and Tom S. have lived in Greenville, SC for many years. They recently bought a beautiful home in a subdivision that was close to their grandchildren. Everything was perfect about this home except that Tom noticed some mold in the crawl space when he was moving things down there for storage. Tom wanted to take care of this problem before it eventually got worse. Jan went online and searched for local companies that could help with crawl space repair. They found Cantey Foundation Specialists and gave them a call right away. They were scheduled for an appointment the next week with System Design Specialist Laurence LaBruce. Laurence arrived on time and got right to the inspection after introducing himself. As soon as the inspection was complete, Laurence sat down with Jan and Tom to show them pictures and explain how best Cantey could help them. He suggested Cantey's CleanSpace system which would create a barrier to ward off moisture and pests from the crawl space. The CleanSpace system starts with a liner being installed around the walls and piers. It is then laid across the floor of the crawl space and then secured at the top using spray foam adhesive. This creates a barrier that keeps all of the moisture and pests out. Jan and Tom were impressed and wanted to have the CleanSpace system installed to prevent any other moisture issues. Production Crew Leader Israel Santana, Production Crew Member Stephen Halsall, and Production Crew Member Nick Rish came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Jan and Tom can breathe easy now knowing that mold will never again be an issue in their crawl space.

Cleanspace & Dehumidifier Installation in Crawl Space - Eastover SC

The crawl space under Elise's home in Eastover, SC was not sealed, leaving it exposed to the ground and moisture in the air. Elise knew of the dangers and damages this could cause, such as, mold, wood rot, and higher energy bills due to heating and cooling damp air. She wanted to install a CleanSpace and Dehumidifier in order to preserve the wood, prevent mold, and keep the critters away! 

CleanSpace Creates Brand New Storage Space in Irmo, SC

Nancy G. has owned her home with her husband in Irmo, SC since her children were small. Now that all the kids have grown up, she and her husband have worked on many projects together. No kids meant they had more time to do the different improvements they had always wanted to their home. Nancy had always heard of encapsulations for crawl spaces and thought it was a great idea. She and her husband already used their crawl space for some storage but this would allow them to utilize the whole space. Nancy went online and search crawl space encapsulations to see what information was out there. She found Cantey Foundation Specialists website and read up on how their encapsulation worked. Cantey offered free inspections and estimates so Nancy called and scheduled an appointment. System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford arrived and after introducing himself, he got to work. Jamie sat down with Nancy and her husband after the inspection and gave them some additional information about Cantey's CleanSpace system. The CleanSpace system starts with a liner being installed around the walls and piers. It is then laid across the floor of the crawl space and then secured at the top using spray foam adhesive. This creates a barrier that keeps all of the moisture and pests out. This would make a perfect area for all Nancy and her husband's storage needs. They scheduled an installation that day and two weeks later the crew arrived. Production Crew Leader Trey Dukes and Production Crew Member Robert Gardner got to work on the project and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Nancy and her husband are now taking full advantage of their storage area and they can also tell a difference of how much cleaner the air in their home is.

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