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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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Irmo Crawlspace Gets Rid of It's Moisture Problem

Irmo crawlspace gets rid of it's moisture problem with a cleanspace vapor barrier.  

CleanSpace Helps Doctor with Allergies in Columbia, SC

Phuong N. moved to Columbia, SC a few years ago to take a surgical position at a local hospital. She loves her work and helping those that are in need. The home she bought in the area was ideal for her and she was content with her decision to move. That was until she started to have some allergy issues that prevented her from working. One day she noticed that there was mold growing on one of her vents in the bedroom. Phuong knew this had to be the cause of her getting sick. She did not know personally of any companies in the area that did crawl space repair so she turned to the internet. After a quick search she found Cantey Foundation Specialists and saw that they were a local company. Phuong called in a scheduled an appointment for a free inspection. System Design Specialist Jamie Beresford came out and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space. Jamie found that Phuong had quite a bit of moisture in her crawl space which was causing the mold growth. He sat down with her to explain the CleanSpace system that Cantey has. The CleanSpace system consists of a thick liner that is wrapped around each pier, covers the floor, and is secured on the walls of the crawl space to keep out moisture. This creates a complete barrier between the earth and the home, preventing any damage and providing cleaner air to breathe. Phuong was sold with this system that would finally give her a healthier home and scheduled an installation day. Production Crew Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Crew Member Frank Lopez, and Production Crew Member David Watson came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Phuong no longer has allergy problems and is back to helping those in need with no interruption.

Columbia, SC Crawlspace doesn't have to worry about water any more

Columbia Crawlspace doesn't have to worry about water any more since we installed our cleanspace system that prevents all moisture and water issues with crawlspaces. 

Rotten Wood Replaced and Protected with CleanSpace Encapsulation in Columbia, SC Home

Debra C. of Columbia, SC could feel her kitchen and dining room floors bend and sag when she walked in her home.  Worried that this could be a major problem, she found Cantey Foundation Specialists online and called for a free estimate.  Specialist John Adams inspected Debra's crawl space, and he found high levels of humidity and rotting wood beams.  Specialist John Adams explained to Debra that the rotting wood beams caused the floors to weaken, and that they needed to be replaced with treated wood.  However, he also recommended our CleanSpace encapsulation system to protect the new treated lumber and to prevent any future moisture problems in the crawl space.  

CleanSpace Prevents Further Moisture Damage in Columbia, SC

Gloria B. just moved into her home in Columbia, SC and is excited to finally be a homeowner. She had always wanted to own instead of rent. Of course, now that she owns a home she is finding out just how difficult it can be sometimes. Repairs and improvements have to be made to keep a home in good shape. Gloria started to notice in the last few weeks that her floor was becoming bouncy out of nowhere. She did not have any experience with crawl spaces so she needed a trusted company to find out what was going on. She remembered her sister had work done on her foundation a few years ago so she asked about the company. Her sister told her to call Cantey Foundation Specialists, they did a wonderful job raising her home. Gloria called in and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist John Adams. After his inspection, John sat down with Gloria to tell her that she had excessive moisture in her crawl space. This was causing the floor to become bouncy and would cause other problems if not handled properly. John told Gloria that the solution that she needed to protect her home was the CleanSpace system. The CleanSpace system would begin with drainage matting being placed on the floor of the crawl space. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material would be installed on the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space for an all-around barrier. The barrier would then be sealed with spray foam adhesive that solidifies the bond between the CleanSpace system and the crawl space. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Matthew Kelley came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Gloria loves her new CleanSpace and the peace of mind that her home is protected from moisture damage.

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