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CleanSpace Cleans Up Nicely in Rembert, SC

Homeowner Christine A. from Rembert, SC ignored her moisture issues after flooding happened under her home. The result was the beginnings of mold growth in the crawlspace of the home she is now trying the sale. She knew that this was a problem that had to be fixed before selling. She called Cantey Foundation Specialists after seeing an advertisement while she was watching the evening news one night. System Design Specialist Jason Hardage came out to Christine's home to do a free inspection and estimate. He sat down with Christine to discuss the moisture problem that had begun and to explain how Cantey's patented CleanSpace system could help. CleanSpace would encapsulate her crawlspace to prevent any further moisture damage in the future. This system would also be a selling point for potential buyers because of the transferable warranty. Christine agreed that this was the right plan for her and decided to move forward with this project. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Jonathan Lowder, and Production Team Member Austin Boan came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Christine is excited with the results and is ready to put her house on the market.

CleanSpace Protects Home in Duncan, SC

Terry K. has lived in his Duncan, SC home for about 15 years now. He takes great care of his home because it knows it is his largest investment. He often checks in on his crawl space but this year was different. There seemed to be a high moisture content and mold growth was starting. He had no idea who to call so he decided to search HomeAdvisor for a local company. Terry found Cantey Foundation Specialists and saw the great reviews they had. He called in and was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Jerod Tafta. Jerod arrived and did a thorough inspection of the crawl space before sitting down with Terry. Jerod found that Terry was right, the moisture content was out of control but Cantey's CleanSpace system would solve this problem. The CleanSpace system would begin with the installation of drainage matting to help moisture flow to a SmartSump. The SmartSump would pump all excess moisture out of the barrier. Then a thick liner of CleanSpace material is installed across the floor, piers, and walls of the crawl space. This creates a strong barrier between the ground and outside away from the crawl space as well as the home above. Terry was confident in the solution that Jerod had planned out and scheduled an installation date. Production Team Leader Israel Santana, Production Team Member Austin Boan, and Production Team Member Zenen Dominguez came out and successfully installed the CleanSpace system. Terry is no longer having any moisture issues and feels like his home is the most protected it has ever been. 

CleanSpace Makes Happy Homeowner Happier in Taylors, SC

Lisa H. moved into her Taylors, SC home in 2010 and has been a happy homeowner since. Getting her home just right was a task but she managed to find all the right decor to make her home truly feel like home. Of course, there are aspects of owning a home that Lisa had no prior experience with. Her friend had work done on her crawl space by Cantey Foundation Specialists and Lisa asked what kind of problems could arise that would cause the need for repair. Her friend suggested that she call Cantey and schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. Lisa did just that and the next week she met with System Design Specialist Katherine Dillon. Katherine did a thorough inspection and afterward showed Lisa the pictures as well as the readings she took. These showed that Lisa had a moisture problem in her crawl space that would negatively affect her home and the air she breathed. Katherine told her about Cantey's CleanSpace system which would begin with the installation of drain matting on the crawl space floor to ease moisture out of the crawl space. Then a thick lining of CleanSpace material would be installed over the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space. The lining would be secured with spray foam adhesive to solidify the bond between the crawl space and this protective layer. Lisa was sure that the CleanSpace system would be a good investment towards her home and health. Production Team Leader Estevan Lopez, Production Team Member John Whitaker, and Production Team Member David Watson came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Lisa is an even happier homeowner now with her CleanSpace system installed and the peace of mind that it is a lasting solution. 

Cleanspace Provides Stress Relief to Blythewood Horse Farm Owner

This crawlspace needed a Clean space installation to protect the foundation walls, pillars and joists from becoming deteriorated from the mold and humidity on the horse farm. Being built off of a steep hill, there was a lot of water run off that would get in the crawlspace, which is a big problem in the long run for any foundation. Along with It getting in the crawlspace, the owner had trouble with flooding and pooling water around the farm, which worried her even more because it was eventually going to be a problem. She told us that she didn't have time to worry about the crawlspace when her farmland was in the condition it was. So after calling Cantey, we assured her that we would take care of it and put her mind at ease. 

Push Piers Give Peace of Mind to Sumter, SC Homeowner

Eddie J. has lived in his Sumter, SC home for many years now. It was the home he specifically designed for his wife and kids. He has loved his home ever since it was completed. Of course, when he saw a foundation crack he worried what that meant for his beloved home. Eddie went online to search for a contractor that could help him fix his home. He found Cantey Foundation Specialists and gave them a call to set up a free inspection. System Design Specialist John Adams arrived for the appointment and started his inspection. After completing the inspection, he sat down with Eddie to discuss a solution that he had designed for Eddie's home. The home would need support to stop the settlement that had started years ago. John explained that Cantey's Push Pier system could provide the support that Eddie's home needed. The process would begin with the crew digging a few holes around the foundation. Once they reached the footing of the foundation, they would install a bracket to the footing. Then steel tubes would be pushed into the ground until they found competent soil that could properly support the home. When that point is reached, the tubes then push up on the bracket, allowing the foundation to be lifted back to its original position. Eddie was impressed with the plan that John had drawn up and believed it would permanently solve his home's foundation issues. Production Crew Leader Aubrey McJunkin, Production Crew Member David Watson, and Production Crew Member Francisco Lopez came out and effectively installed the Push Pier system. Eddie finally has the peace of mind he wanted for his home that he one day hopes to pass along to his children. 

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