Basement Dehumidifier

The perfect solution for basement dampness and mold problems

A basement with an effective waterproofing system can still develop moisture and mold problems and may feel damp. This happens because concrete walls and floors continually absorb moisture from the soil and release it into the air in your basement. Maintaining healthy “above-grade” humidity in your basement is easy if you have the right dehumidifier. Our SaniDry® dehumidifiers have what it takes to control humidity in even the most challenging basement and crawl space conditions.

Basement and crawl space dehumidifier

The tall SaniDry™ XP model is the best basement dehumidifier available.

Crawl space dehumidifier

With the same features as the XP model, the SaniDry™ CX has a compact design to easily fit in any crawl space.

Advantages of SaniDry™ basement & crawl space dehumidifiers

  • Super efficient. SaniDry™ dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR® rated for efficiency. Using the same amount of electricity as a household dehumidifier, an XP or CX model can remove 10 times as much moisture from the air.
  • No water tank or reservoir to empty. SaniDry™ models are designed to drain into a sump pump or to pump condensate outdoors.
  • Air filtration plus dehumidification. Multi-stage air filters enable SaniDry™ models to trap fine dust, mold spores and other particulates, cleaning the air during dehumidification.
  • Heavy duty capacity. SaniDry™ dehumidifiers are rated at over 100 pints per day minimum performance at 80 degrees F and 60%RH.
  • Duct compatible. The XP model can located out of sight in a finished basement, connected to the living area with standard ductwork.
  • Precise humidity control. The XP has a built-in humidistat and digital controls that enable you to simply dial in your target humidity level. The machine does the rest.

Get help finding the right system for your basement

If you have a wet basement, Basement Systems offers a variety of waterproofing products to move the water out of your basement. Contact us to install a SaniDry™ dehumidifier by itself, or with any of our award-winning drainage systems!

Household-size dehumidifiers don’t perform well in the basement

  • Dehumidifier components

    Bigger components mean better performance. The circular cooling coil on a household dehumidifier can’t come close to matching the drying capacity of SaniDry™’s massive coil.

  • SaniDry™ XP air filter

    Remove moisture & indoor air pollution. SaniDry™’s 3-stage air filtration system can trap mold and other indoor air pollutants as small as 2 microns in size.

A suitcase-size household dehumidifier has a fairly small fan that blows moist air over an equally small cooling coil. While this type of unit can perform effectively in an upstairs room, it’s vastly overmatched by the basement’s size, humidity level and lower temperatures.

SaniDry™ Dehumidifiers are at their best under the worst basement conditions. All the key components in a SaniDry™ dehumidifier (coil, fan & condenser) are much larger than the components used in household models.

With a SaniDry™ dehumidifier you simply get more of everything: greater drying capacity, more durable, reliable performance, improved energy efficiency, and the added benefit of air cleaning.

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