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A powerful, high-efficiency basement air system for your home

SaniDry Reviews
  • "I purchased a SaniDry dehumidifier for my basement. I am amazed at the difference it has made in the smell of the air in the basement and throughout my home. My basement didn't smell really bad, but it had the musty basement odor that comes with an old home with a stone foundation. I could tell within a day that this system was doing what the brochure said it would do! Love it, and I'm so glad I purchased it!" - Jennifer N.

  • "We had basement humidity issues & the SaniDry System has taken care of our humidity problems better than anything else on the market. It replaces 3 conventional units." - Mary K.

  • "We decided to purchase their SaniDry System. Within 24 hours of use, the condensation built up on all of our windows had disappeared!" - Angie H.

  • "For many years we ran the typical store bought air purifiers and dehumidifiers in our basement. After having the SaniDry unit running for a month, we now realize the money spent on the other units was a waste. The air quality is now clean and comfortable, not just in our basement but in our entire home. I can’t believe the change of air quality in our home since we installed our SaniDry unit." - Pete S.

  • "The SaniDry we bought from you in the Spring has had amazing effects on our daughter's allergies. She has asthma and would typically have a morning sneezing fit that ended up with 15-20 dirty tissues. About two weeks after you installed the SaniDry, her morning tissues were down to 1-2 and there was no longer a sneezing fit! We are very pleased with the effectiveness of the unit and would highly recommend it for anyone with similar needs." - Frances H.

  • "Our basement has never been so dry, no smell, no mold. I can use my workshop again! We no longer feel sick with sinus infections, with the SaniDry System and the wall wrap, it's perfect! Thank you so much." - Mr. & Mrs. B.

  • "The SaniDry dehumidifier is a much larger unit. It installs very easily and served our home well last year. The basement, in fact the entire house, was less humid. The unit did not have to run constantly to achieve our desired humidity level of around 50%. And because our home’s air contained less humidity it did not feel as hot, allowing us to have our central air conditioner run less often by raising the temperature setting on our home’s thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees which saved us even more money on our electric utility bill." - Dan and Nancy @

For removing high levels of relative humidity in a basement, a dehumidifier is the plain answer... but not just any household dehumidifier. Basement Systems has been dealing with this issue intensely for nearly 20 years, and the only machine that will get you the results you need is one called a SaniDry Basement Air System. And it's awesome!

The SaniDry Basement Air System is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidifier with air filtration in a single unit.

The SaniDry takes up to 100 pints of water per day out of your basement air, while using the same energy as a 40-pint dehumidifier. And it filters particles out of the air to less than an incredible two microns in size - which is smaller than any mold spore or dust mite dropping.

The SaniDry has a powerful blower to move the dry air all around your basement space. This dry air then dries your building materials and basement contents, which makes the damp smell and damp feeling go away!

SaniDry XP Dehumidifier installation

A solution to muggy basements. The SaniDry basement dehumidifier will get rid of all those damp smells and feelings in the basement.

What a huge difference a SaniDry can make in condensation season. People really love their dry basement environments after having a SaniDry installed.

You'll also never have to empty any buckets on your SaniDry basement dehumidifier because it automatically drains into your WaterGuard basement drainage system or sump pump.

Having a groundwater-free basement is one thing, adding a SaniDry is like putting the cherry on top of your dry basement program -- it makes it complete. There are not many basements that don't need one. Picture the concrete in your basement turning white because it is so dry!

Energy Star dehumidifier installation

SaniDry is an energy efficient dehumidifier

To further prove its mettle, the SaniDry is an ENERGY STAR ® rated dehumidifier- a rare achievement for a dehumidification system. Products/homes/buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR ® are designed to protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Another big benefit of the SaniDry system is that it doesn't have to be located in the space it's drying. You can locate it in a utility room and duct the wet air in and dry air out to the main room of your basement.

Sanidry Cold Coil

What's the big deal with cold coils? Check out the comparison between a regular coil (left) to the high performance cold coil of SaniDry (right).

Why does the SaniDry perform so well?

How does it perform so incredibly well with the same amount of energy that less-effective 20-pound-weakling dehumidifiers use?

  • The SaniDry blows air over a huge cold coil. It looks like a truck radiator instead of the little squirrely spiral coil of dinky dehumidifiers.
  • The SaniDry runs the exiting dry cold air through a special heat-exchange core that pre-cools the incoming wet air and recaptures energy.
  • The SaniDry's powerful 250 cfm blower not only grabs more air in to dry faster, but moves the dry air out around your basement to dry the contents of your basement as well.

There are other component reasons SaniDry wins the dehumidifier battle, but these are the main ones.

Why home dehumidifiers just don't do the job

  • They are too small.
  • The cold coil (the actual thing that takes the water out of the air) is too small.
  • The fan is too small (it has to be so it doesn't blow the air past the dinky coil too fast, otherwise it wouldn't take any water out!)
  • The fan doesn't circulate the dry air around your basement - because it's too small.
  • They usually aren't drained automatically, so the bucket fills up and they shut off.
  • They are rated (25 pints, 30 pints, 40 pints, etc.) per day at 80 degrees air temperature. Warm air holds a lot more moisture than cold air. Put them in a 68 degree basement and their effectiveness goes way down below this number.

Click here for detailed specifications on the SaniDry Basement Dehumidifier (Upright Model)

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