Trench Drain to the rescue!


Trench Drain benefits

  • Effectively captures surface water at building transitions.
  • Rugged reinforced plastic will not crack or dent.
  • Maintenance free & corrosion proof.
  • Grated cap can be removed to clear drainage channel.
  • Compatible with WaterGuard drainage system.
  • TrenchLock strips can be added easily if necessary to reduce radon exposure levels.

A drainage system like the WaterGuard system can do an excellent job of keeping your basement dry. But there’s still a potential wet area if your basement has a concrete stair leading to an exterior bulkhead door. Water can flow down the exterior stairway and find its way onto your basement floor. The way to overcome this problem is by spanning the base of the stairway with Trench Drain drainage channel.

The distinctive grate that covers Trench Drain drainage channel tells you exactly how it works. This innovative drain is installed flush with a concrete floor; you can walk right over it. But the grated top will capture surface water before it can get where it doesn’t belong. Trench Drain interlocks perfectly with WaterGuard drainage channel, but it can also be used with other drainage pipe.

Use TrenchDrain to prevent water intrusion in these locations:

  • Across the basement floor in front of an exterior concrete stairway (bulkhead door).
  • Across the entrance to a garage.
  • Where a patio meets a walkout basement door.

Don’t forget TrenchLock if radon is a concern


TrenchLock + TrenchDrain. Simple ball valves in the TrenchLock strip allow water to drain, but block radon gas from entering your basement.

Trench Drain drainage channel is designed to work perfectly with the patented WaterGuard drainage system. However, the open grate design of Trench Drain can allow hazardous radon gas to enter the basement if the house is exposed to high levels of radon gas. In a house where a radon mitigation system has been installed to lower radon exposure levels, we recommend combining our TrenchLock air lock drains with the Trench Drain channel.

Made from high-strength plastic, TrenchLock strips are designed to fit in Trench Drain channel, directly below the removable grate. Cup-shaped recesses are located every 6 inches along TrenchLock strips, and each recess holds a plastic ball that covers a hole. When the drain does not need to handle water, the ball sits in the hole, preventing vapors and gases from exiting the drain. But when water enters the drain, the balls float, allowing water to drain through the holes and into the drainage channel.

TrenchLock should be combined with Trench Drain wherever it’s important to reduce radon exposure levels.

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