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Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Repairs - Mold Removal and Insulation

The crawl spaces of this Mount Vernon home had enough humidity in each of them that water dripped from the mold and mildewed insulation and joists. Several contractors had tried to help over the years to make this area beneath the home better. 

To help these homeowners, our team removed the old insulation and vapor barrier. We also had to remove some dead wildlife, and clean the HVAC equipment fully to rid it of mold. We encapsulated the duct work and the crawl space, installing TerraBlock insulation and a thick 20 mil. CleanSpace vapor barrier. The results were a clean, healthy, and safe crawl space for these homeowners.

Fixing a Crawl Space with Excessive Mold Growth

This Hume, VA home had some funky mold growth in their crawl space that was causing mildew odors and posing a health risk. The 3 Pros team cleaned the whole crawl space first, then installed drainage matting and Terra Block and finished the job with 20 mil. CleanSpace vapor barrier installation and sealed and insulated the walls with closed cell foam spray.

A Full Crawl Space Repair - Bealeton, VA

The crawl space of this Bealeton, VA home had dilapidated and moldy insulation in their crawl space that had been ineffective for quite some time and was literally falling out of the ceiling. Additionally, their existing vapor barrier was loose and not sealed to the foundation, allowing moisture to creep in and wreak havoc. 

To remediate these issues, the old insulation was first removed, then disposed of safely. The 3 Pros team installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier to protect the crawl space from excess moisture and to give it a clean new look! Closed cell spray foam was then installed from the floor up to the rim joists. 

Crawl Space Access

This before/after picture series shows an "Everlast" crawl space access door that we install during a crawl space encapsulation. It's made of polypropylene plastic so its durable and will not rot away. It's installed with weatherstriping and hand tightened wing nuts keep it in place and air tight.  Easy to remove and light weight too. 

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