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Fix Your Nasty, Energy-Wasting Crawl Space CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier in Florence SC

Unfinished Basement in Cassatt Uses the CleanSpace Solution

Larry and Teresa B. of Cassatt, SC had an unfinished basement with some mold and humidity issues.  They wanted to keep the area clean and mold-free, while also using the space for storage.  Calling Cantey Foundation Specialists for a free estimate, Larry and Teresa learned about the CleanSpace system and how it would benefit their basement for years to come.  The Cantey Production Crew first took out all of the insulation, treated the mold, and then began to wrap the piers and walls with the ultra thick encapsulation material.  Now, the space is clean, mold free, and ready for storage! 

Finding a Solution for Dry Rot in Camden, SC

Clifford L. started to notice his floor becoming unlevel in his living room. He wanted to ignore the issue, believing that it would be costly to fix. Unfortunately, he soon could not ignore the problem any longer and knew he needed to fix his floors to ensure that he would not get injured. While listening to the radio, he heard an advertisement about Cantey Foundation Specialists and the work they do in crawl spaces. After setting up the appointment with our friendly Call Center, he soon met Specialist Jamie Beresford. Specialist Jamie went through Clifford's crawl space and found dry rot wood that had been caused by moisture. Specialist Jamie explained to Clifford that to save his floors, he would need to replace the wood that had been damaged and install CleanSpace technology to block out any additional moisture that could cause more damage. Team Leader Matt Garcia along with Team Members Nick Riddick and David Herbert came out and successfully replaced the wood and installed Cantey's patented CleanSpace system. Clifford no longer has to worry about the structure of his floors, and he could not be happier with the service that the Cantey team provided.

CleanSpace Improves Home for First Time Homeowner in Camden, SC

Allison M. just bought her home in Camden, SC and is excited to be a first-time homeowner. She has dreamed of finally owning a home and there was no better place than her hometown to have one. She knew it would need some repairs so she started with the foundation and crawl space. Allison's dad always taught her that the foundation and crawl space of a home needed to be taken care of. Allison knew of a company in town called Cantey Foundation Specialists and that they provided free inspections. She gave them a call and made an appointment with System Design Specialist Chip Baxter. When Chip arrived he did a thorough inspection before sitting down with Allison. He explained to her that her crawl space had some moisture damage. This damage would only get worse unless she did something to prevent it. Cantey's CleanSpace system could help her protect her home. The CleanSpace system would begin with the floor, walls, and piers being wrapped or covered in a thick material. This material would separate the home and crawl space from the ground and moisture. The material is then secured with spray foam adhesive to create a complete barrier. This barrier would keep the crawl space dry and prevent further damage from moisture. Allison knew she needed to protect her new home so she scheduled the installation. Production Crew Leader Estevan Lopez, Production Crew Member Jonathan Whitaker, and Production Crew Member Phillip Sullivan came out and effectively installed the CleanSpace system. Allison is glad she worked with Cantey to improve her home and allow her to move forward with other home renovations.

CleanSpace Creates Healthy Environment for Couple in Spartanburg, SC

Brian and Gayle moved into their Spartanburg, SC home a few years ago. Gayle has had trouble with an illness that has caused them both to put their lives on hold. Before she could be discharged from the hospital, they were told they needed to make sure she was going back to a healthy environment. Brian had checked everything but the crawl space, however, when he did it was problematic. The crawl space had a moisture problem that was causing mold growth. Brian had no idea who to call but he needed a solution quickly so his wife could come home. He did a search online and found Cantey Foundation Specialists. Immediately he picked up the phone and within minutes he was scheduled for an appointment with System Design Specialist Nathan Bailey. Brian told Nathan how urgent it was to find a solution when he arrived and Nathan got to work on his inspection. Afterward, Nathan told Brian that the permanent solution he needed to help his wife was Cantey's CleanSpace system. The installation would begin with drain matting on the crawl space floor to ease moisture out of the crawl space. Then a thick lining of CleanSpace material would be installed over the floor, walls, and piers of the crawl space. The lining would be secured with spray foam adhesive to solidify the bond between the crawl space and this protective layer. The CleanSpace system would not only protect their home but keep Gayle in as healthy of an environment as possible. It creates healthier, cleaner air to breathe as well as keeping out pests. Production Team Leader Jonathan Lowder, Production Team Member Matthew Kelley, and Production Team Member David Herbert were able to successfully install the CleanSpace system. Gayle is now safe and sound at home which Brian gives credit to Cantey for helping him create the healthy environment she needed. 

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