Basement Leaks: Causes and Solutions

Wherever you are on the path to fixing your basement, we're here to be of assistance. If you're looking to understand the underlying causes of your basement problems and the range of possible solutions, you're in the right spot. If at any point you think you'd like to get your basement inspected ASAP and get a proposal to fix it, simply look up your local Basement Systems dealer. Your ultimate goal is a dry basement and that's our goal too!

Lesson 1: What Causes a Leak?

Basements get wet. From poured concrete foundations to monolithic, stone, block or tile basement walls, no basement is safe from water leaking. Water can find its way in through basement walls, floors, and floor joists. As basement specialists, we know firsthand how damaging a basement water problem can be to your home, health and personal possessions. We've developed a line of products designed to correct the underlying issues that cause a basement to leak or flood.

We've broken down this lesson into six parts to cover the six major reasons for basement leaks.

Lesson 2: Basement Repair Options

There are five basic approaches to fixing a basement water problem. An effective solution is one that will never clog, won't get overwhelmed and requires minimal ongoing maintenance. Explore each method of solving your basement's leakage problem to better understand your options.

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