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Wet basement from sump pump failure

Most basement waterproofing systems rely on a sump pump as the final mechanism to get the water out of the basement. The sump pump is the heart of the system. If the heart stops for any reason, the system fails and your basement gets flooded despite all the money you paid to have it dried. So, if you're going to rely on a basement sump pump (and almost every waterproofing system does), you should make it one that is reliable, has battery backup, and is powerful enough to handle the heaviest rains - even if they only happen once every two or three years. Ask yourself, "Is it OK if my basement gets wet once every two years?" If the answer is "No," then it only makes sense to have the most reliable basement sump pump system available.

A basement sump pump is a necessary element of a basement waterproofing system - and everything is fine until one of three problems occur. The three pump problems are 1. your pump fails, 2. your pump can't keep up in a hard, fast rain, and 3. the power goes out. Will your pump, or the one you are about to purchase, respond to these three issues?

Basement Systems dealers offer three basement sump pump configurations to address every home's unique water situation. Each uses a cast-iron Zoeller pump.

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Waterproofing Case Study

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